Battery shot, suggestions when I get new one back?

  • My battery needed to be replaced a week after I bought my onewheel+. I put 57 miles on it that first week. When I’d go to charge the battery, it would go down by 1 every time. First it would charge to 100, then 98, then 97, then 96. After contacting Onewheel about the problem they told me to drain the battery and plug it in for 48 hours. I drained the battery and went to charge my onewheel+, and it did not charge whatsoever. It stayed at 0. I called onewheel again, sent in pictures of my logistics, and they asked me to send it in for repairs. That was 10 days ago. It arrived that Friday, and the support team said they’d get to it last Monday but I have yet to hear back from them concerning repairs/return. So my questions are:
    1: has this happened to anyone else ?
    2: how long does repair work usually take ?
    3: does anyone have suggestions when I get my new battery ? Leave it plugged in overnight at first? Leave it plugged in for 2 days strait/48 hours? Thanks for the info ! Can’t wait to get back to riding ....


  • Yo! I just had this happen to my +. I sent it in with express shipping and the repair took about 2-3 days and now it’s on the way back. My battery did the same thing where it wouldn’t charge but still display 100%. Dont worry, FM will get you back in the game soon

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