DIY Tire Change How-to video (no tools required, done in 4 minutes)

  • I changed my tire with my bare hands and so can you with the proper technique. The video doesn't cover removing the wheel from the OW or inflating it at the end, but those topics are covered by others very well already.

    FYI I didn't include the 45 minutes of footage of me struggling and failing at many inferior techniques.

  • @desperado

    Wow! What a helpful video! I wish I'd seen this a month ago when I was changing my tire. Thanks so much!!
    I have a couple thoughts:

    1. I know you pride yourself on bare hands, (ha ha) but here's another way to break the tire bead that worked well for me:
    2. Why did you change a perfectly good Vega tire for a Hoosier???!!! Just kidding. I tried a Hoosier tire, and hated it.

    Question: When you re-set the bead on the new Hoosier, did you have a big powerful air compressor? I only have a small electric air pump that operates on my car's 12v outlet, and I'm worried I'll have to pay the local tire shop to set the bead for me next time.

    Second Question: Is your old Vega tire for sale?

    Nice work - thanks for serving the community!

  • @wheelcity
    Great idea for breaking the bead! So simple! I have plenty of 2x4s, could have saved myself some effort there.
    So, setting the bead, I made sure there was still plenty of slime on the rim (I think that was key), got the tire as well seated as I could by hand, and it was good enough to pump up with a tiny portable hand pump. I was surprised, thought I might need a burst of compressed air. Many gas stations have coin-operated compressed air stations that let you set the target pressure so that would be my recommendation if a smaller pump isn't enough.
    I haven't given the Hoosier a proper trial yet so I'm hanging on to the Vega. So far the Hoosier seems awesome just in my driveway but I want to see how it handles at high speed on the trails when they freeze next week and I can finally try out my grip studs. I might be making another tire change video...
    My Vega tire has less than 400 miles on it, and would be for sale if I decide to keep the Hoosier. I'll keep you posted.

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