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  • I feel sometimes a bit stressed when the battery level is low. As soon as I think that the battery could get low, I ride with my iPhone in my hand constantly checking the battery level. It would be fantastic to be able to buy a spare battery (to exchange the batteries or to quickly recharge the battery - just like – but made for the onewheel). Maybe it's just for peace of mind? But having a spare battery in my backpack would be big relieve. Maybe you can just sell me the existing battery that you are using in the onewheel with a cable to recharge the built-in battery? THX!

  • I agree that would be nice but don't think it is feasible while keeping the board sealed from the elements and as sturdy as it is. While going through puddles and getting the board muddy, it's reassuring to know its not getting in the board. Also when stumbling off while off road, it's nice not worrying about the battery popping off when the board rolls a few times.

    Probably your best option is to put the power cord in the backpack and plan out a place to charge half way. If you are real close to making it already, a ten minute charge would be enough for peace of mind.

  • when i go out for a weekend ride with my gf (she bikes) i bring along my charger and we stop at a coffee shop at some point and i charge up but i think the real issue is two fold

    the charger is too large and frankly OVERPOWERED. if you've ever watched the app while it's charging the battery charges at like 5% a minute, that's insane.

    i would much prefer if the charger was designed to be as small as possible and charged the battery in twice the time but it looks like FM went the other direction and made it charge as fast as possible.

    the other issue is the lack of any sort of digital information display, a simple battery icon display somewhere on the top of the board would've sufficed, or even a slightly more advance display that showed speed or trip odo or shaping mode or anything, but mostly battery life

  • I absolutely love how fast the OW charges. Sure, a smaller charger would be nice, but I personally would not trade size for speed. To go from empty to fully charged in <30 minutes is simply amazing.

  • For me also, time is way more important than power brick size. It's new for me now but many times I'm waiting for it to charge so I can keep on riding. The difference between 20 and 40 minutes is big.

    Obviously everyone uses the board differently. If you only plan on using it once a day, small power brick sounds good. For everyone else 20-30 minute charging is a big deal.

    Don't get me wrong, the power brick is huge. But if that is what is needed for quick charging, not many are going to complain.

  • the real solution would be to offer a "travel charger" that is small and lightweight, in addition to the large "home charger".

    my post was more to say that i'm surprised they didn't go small as the default charger but i guess ideally you would select either travel size or home size (or for more money, both) when placing your initial order

  • Travel charger sounds like a nice additional option after purchase or by request at purchase. From a marketing perspective, you just want to list quick charging as a feature and don't want to muck that up with an asterisk "* when charged with ultra charger" and then have to explain what that means to everyone....

  • +1 for modular battery packs and a separate battery charging dock.

    I would buy several spare batteries and carry a backpack full of them to increase my potential daily range.
    Depending on finding mains electricity when I've run my board flat is a real bind, and carrying a depleted board around is definitely not the look I'm going for.
    What about a Mr Fusion?
    mr fusion.jpg

  • @dicorci said:

    FM went the other direction and made it charge as fast as possible.

    Thanks goodness they did. I bought the fast charger and my only complaint is - not fast enough while staring at the numbers creep up at a lousy 5% per minute!

  • I would love replaceable batteries:)

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