For Sale: OneWheel V1 in Seattle - $800

  • Love the board, but I started grad school and moved to Seattle from SoCal. The winter doesn't allow for much riding in the city, and grad school means I don't have the time to drive to drier areas to get ride time in.

    So I've decided to sell the board and hopefully I can just get an upgraded version when FM makes it in a few years when I graduate :-)

    Board has a brand new tire so the tread is basically brand new. Also comes with the original box (best way to store and move it) as well as a factory fender.

    Locals / cash preferred, but will consider shipping if you pay (and I find you trustworthy LOL)

  • @hdiesel
    Still have the board for sale? If so, how many miles? Thx man

  • @hdiesel Sold

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