OW V1 vs OW+ Board Balance

  • I have V1 (bought about 1 month prior to OW+ launched), and am curious to see what the consensus is re: Holding Balance. For those of you who have ridden both versions of OW, does the OW+ handle heavier riders better than the OW V1?
    I'm 6'4" tall and 230lb, living in Rochester, NY, I haven't had the chance to ride a OW+, still considered a Newbie also. Now that the OW+ has been out for about a year now, I keep thinking about upgrading to OW+ because it seems to sound like it's a huge difference from a V1. I'm probably gonna wait for a version 3 to emerge from Future Motion anyhow though.

  • @doublebull I am from Canandaigua and I can tell you the Plus is considerably better. However, I am also 100 pounds lighter than you. More importantly, I moved to Denver, I couldn’t take the brutal winters and lack of sun western NY has to offer, anymore ! But if you live in Rochester don’t waste the money you can only ride it 4-5 months a year, anyhow.

  • For me, work has kept me from getting completely addicted. I don't see me getting rid of my OW just because of where I live or work though, it's too much fun, even though I feel separated from the majority of One Wheelers. At least, I may decide to travel (fly) with my OW now that more and more are having Good stories to tell re: TSA.

  • @doublebull said in OW V1 vs OW+ Board Balance:

    At least, I may decide to travel (fly) with my OW now that more and more are having Good stories to tell re: TSA.

    Tell me more?? I want to fly with mine soon!

  • It just seems like I'm hearing more and more OW Floaters, being able to fly to a destination with their OW and back Home. It used to be, I'd hear people trying to fly and maybe make it to the Destination with their OW, but just to have problems getting it home again. Or, they would get their OW to the airport just to be told by TSA that it will not go on the plane because of Battery Restrictions.
    It's good to know that TSA seems to be allowing OW boards to travel more and more as time goes on.

  • Air Down the Tire, and Run the Battery down to a minimum charge. I'm not sure if there are any other suggestions of what to do to prepare for a successful flight to and from Destination. I would search the forum thoroughly for info before attempting to travel with a OW, so you don't take a chance of TSA confiscating your OW.

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