Hoosier Cold Climate Tire

  • I just put a Hoosier 11900D20A on my OW+ and DANG! I went with the slightly narrower profiled 11X5.5 - 6 and also the super soft 20A rubber. Running only 12 PSI for grip when its cold and I couldn't be happier. It turns SO much better than the Vega and the ride is super plush. I live in Colorado and there is snow and ice on my roads for at least 4 months each year so I need rubber that will stay pliable in sub-zero temps. I gambled a bit getting this tire without any feedback from others - JACKPOT!
    PS - Changing tires ain't no big deal with a few simple tools and plenty of lube. 30 minutes on my first try...

  • Thanks for the good INF!

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