Onewheel Car Charger field test data

  • Onewheel car charger
    This is my first test 🙂

    Duracell dual SLA batteries in parallel as the power source for this test. No plans to idle a car for an hour and a half.

    13.8 volts no load on used twin 35ah 12v Duracell SLA batteries.

    I just have had these batteries hanging around for a couple of years. They were in service for over a year for a mobility device that I made for myself.

    Once the Onewheel car charger was powered up this is what was reported on my battery monitor.

    12.65 volts after voltage drop of the charger load.
    Current draw was 8.6 amps, 110 Watts.

    54.2v (beginning charge which rises at the end)
    1.7amps (not 2 amps) confirmed on Onewheel phone app.

    Onewheel was discharged to 1%

    Depth of charge over time
    25% in 21 minutes
    50% in 38 minutes
    75% in 56 minutes
    100% in 1 hour 16 minutes
    Then as 100% charge neared completion the output voltage rose to 58.4 volts output.

    Balanced at 1 hour and 28 minutes.

    Final SLA draw stats:
    12.3 volts after Onewheel charge
    142.4 watt hours
    11.46 amp hours
    118.8 watts peak
    9.76 amps peak

    There you have it. I have multiple lighter, quieter (MPPT fan noise), and more efficient charging systems. So save your comments to the contrary.

    This would be my last option if the other charging solutions were exhausted already.
    Use this info as you see fit.

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