Shipping into Singapore?

  • Re: SINGAPORE OneWheel Riders

    How did you guys ship your boards to Singapore?

    Vpost will not allow me to ship board into SG because of the lithium battery?

    Do you guys have a solution?


  • I am in Singapore and mine came just fine last year when I ordered OneWheel+.
    Why don't you just buy on their site and OneWheel will take care of it instead of shipping yourself?

  • I got the original board, backing these guys on Kickstarter. When I got mine, it cost a few hundred bucks in Shipping. I think FEDEX or DHL handled it. Big ass heavy box.

    Why not return your board to OW. Get a refund and buy the new one. Ask VPOST to send it back. Think the new one would be better than the OneWheel ND. (ND = Nose Dive). I put off getting that board cos of all the nose dives reported that don't happen on the original board. Maybe the new one will solve that issue.

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