Can I remove the battery?

  • I will visit the USA soon and I think about buying an oneweel + there but I need to remove the battery to take it into the airplane, so i wanted to ask if I can remove the battery and put it back in when I am back home.

  • @maxi26

    Yes you can.

  • Yes, but it will require standard tools and about 15 minutes of your time.

  • @maxi26

    Someone on Facebook posted this recently for that exact reason:

    They carry-on the battery and check the board.

  • @skyman88

    Is it possible to take just the battery as a carry-on? I always heard that the battery is the reason why electric boards aren't allowed in flights. Is it also possible in international flights?

    I'm also going to USA in a couple of weeks and would love to bring my second Onewheel back home.

  • @mnsc

    Yes and many do. The OW+ battery is 130Wh and per TSA guidelines any battery between 101-160Wh is permitted with "airline approval". TSA website has this spelled out.

    There's been 3 ways people travel with boards:

    1. Take entire board, fully assembled, as a carry on item. Most report no hassle from TSA or airline and it just barely fits in the overhead compartment.
    2. Check the entire board. TSA allows this size battery checked but it is supposed to have airline approval. Only a couple people have landed and found their board held at the airport they departed from, but there is a small chance.
    3. Carry on the battery and check the rest of the board. This seems to have the highest success rate but even then a couple folks have had the board denied for "other electronics in it".

    I haven't tried flying with it yet... but I'd say it's a 90% success rate. A bunch of folks have someone drive laps around the airport until they are through security and boarded.

  • @skyman88 Tks!

  • @mnsc

    Also, if you’re not in the OW Facebook group, this is a great source of community supplied information:

  • Yes, you can remove the battery from your car. You should knowledge about battery terminals (+ve, -ve) and connect them same as they are.

  • @skyman88

    I just came back from US with my brand new OW+! I used the method you described as the best. Battery as carry on and board checked without the battery.

    I used the video mentioned as a guide to disassemble it and printed all wiki documents. I flew with AA from JFK NY. I was pretty transparent at AA desk and while going through TSA. No documents asked.

    I really wanted to thank you and all the Onewheel community!!

  • @mnsc Awesome! Glad you and it made it home!

  • On a related note, I am traveling back from the US to Canada and I brought one hoverboard battery pack for my Carvepower rig. I had it as carry on and pulled out on the tray in case TSA wanted to inspect it. It just went through without issues. I had some documentation in case I was asked about it. I guess it is better to be prepared than not. I bought two packs and decided to only bring one through in case I would lose it. Now that I have one through, I hope I will have the same success when I bring the second one through on a subsequent trip to the US.

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