Introducing Onewheel+ XR

  • @shan379 Should be able to order in the next hour

  • Nice! Still riding my old OW from Kickstarter and I think this extended range will make me buy it today :)

    How about nosediving with this new battery, can we push more before flying?

    Also, if I buy it today, when should I get it as Iโ€™m living in France?

    Kiss from Bordeaux!


  • @Julian Incredible progression! Cheers to @Future-Motion and the team! Keep changing the world into our playground!โž–๐ŸŒŽโž–๐Ÿ”‹โ™ป๏ธ๐Ÿ”‹๐Ÿ’š

  • $1500.00 purchase, still can't buy footpads, 95% of the gear for the plus is aftermarket and if we use it we risk voiding the warranty, when in reality we are all just trying to protect the $1500.00 dollars machine we paid for, I mean you couldn't even include a charge port cover but you didn't forget to include the business cards lmao... Sorry to be "that customer" but your decision making needs to be put in check. You have our money you've already won, don't gotta keep sucking us dry before you've even mastered the Plus. I bet you made a truckload of money from the plus over Christmas, didn't you.

  • With the way my buddies and I ride we may get seven miles now. LOL... None the less this keeps us in the woods longer... Bravo FM!

  • @julian Will this be available on the onewheel site? I'm trying to be the first in line to get this

  • Hi @jeff,
    I'm also in bordeaux in winter time, should share some city rides together when rainy weather would stop. Tel:
    You know maybe ride on experience & onewheelfrance, located in Lรจge Cap Ferret & Bordeaux.
    Have you tried the plus? If not don't hesitate to call me to do this happens.

    About XR, we're optimist to get news soon and hopefully be able to propose it soon too!

    Ride on!!


  • All right, I'm seeing the XR now on the site to purchase but the new link isn't letting me purchase it yet. I'm assuming things are updating on the interweb and will be available shortly for real.

  • @future-motion
    Now just need to secure the $1600.... Hopefully optimizations have streamlined production costs too... ;-)

  • SO. MUCH. HYPE!!!!! I'm a llittle sad because I can't afford to upgrade but also stoked that the engineering team at Future Motion is so freaking LEGIT and pushing out new quality products every year. Stoked for the future!!!

  • Can you upgrade the plus to the XR, for a cost of course?

  • Will the current +'s on the market have a battery upgrade available sometime?

  • Why does the top speed show lower than the OW+? Does this mean kickback will come sooner?

    What is the total weight of the OW XR?

  • Way to little information to make an informed decision. Can i upgrade my plus or not?

  • You won't see any more info until they get all the people to purchase who tend to leap before they look. Once that crush of orders is over, they may release some info for the people who want details, before they reach for their wallet.

    Let's hope there is a battery upgrade option. I kinda doubt it myself, but I can hope.

  • Seeing as how everything else is on full lock down by fm i agree slim chance for a plus upgrade... can't even buy new foot pads. I love my onewheel but hate that i can not get replacement parts. Fm won't be getting more of my money till those things change. The whole car charger thing really rubbed me the wrong way. Wouldn't let us buy direct instead they mark up like crazy and rip us off. Not cool.

    They will be missing out on a ton of money if we can't upgrade the plus to an xr.

  • I'm not see the specs posted anywhere yet. Specifically, I'm looking for the battery chemistry and overall weight of the board. I'm curious how it gets the extra range. There's only two ways that I know of - either a bigger/heavier battery or a different and potentially less stable battery chemistry.

    As I like my house to not be on fire from batteries exploding, please confirm the battery chemistry of the new OW+XR.

  • @julian
    I ordered my OW + on the 27th of december and when I received it on the 3rd january, it DIDN'T WORK AT ALL.
    I returned it at once and your team told me you would make it work...
    Just unbelievable for such a prices' product!!!
    Few days later you say you have a new Extra Range battery...
    As a commercial gesture I hope you can put the NEW XR on my board AND a FENDER KIT
    Thomas in TOULON

  • @glisse84 Don't get your hopes up on your request. FM was several months late delivering my OW+ and didn't accommodate with anything to make up for their tardiness.

  • @glisse84

    hahahah good luck with that!

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