Introducing Onewheel+ XR

  • @tonio

    Onewheel+ XR Specs
    Range: 12-18 miles
    Price: U$1,799
    Battery: 324Wh NMC battery
    Recharge Time: 110 minutes (From totally dead)
    Weight: 27 Lbs / 12 Kg
    Top Speed: 19 mph / 30 kph

  • @braswell said in Introducing Onewheel+ XR:

    Out of curiosity... Do the people asking if you can upgrade the plus to the XR battery, ask Toyota/Honda etc if they can replace their motor in their 2017 when the 2018 model comes out? Do you ask Apple if you can upgrade your 7 for the 7s camera? It's a new product...You buy new products all the time, stop asking for unrealistic questions that don't help their business thrive. If you want the upgrade, sell your used product and spend the difference. By selling your older product you help spread the stoke to other buyers who might not be able to afford retail prices... this is how every product works! Businesses would never thrive if you can keep your first purchase for 5 years rather than feel the need for an upgrade. For those who bought the plus recently, its still awesome and hasn't lost any value... its a beast, and now the XR is a beast with extended range. Decide if you want the new or not. -endrant

    Your post is like comparing apples to oranges. The battery in the onewheel is a modular unit... This box is designed in a way it can be removed and replaced. Car motors/iphone cameras aren’t modular.

    I think this is a totally fair question because, look- we spent over 1,500 dollars on a board. When a better battery comes out, it’s fair to ask to upgrade your modular battery. Many people totally need the extra range; however, don’t have the money to drop on a brand new board.

    I understand your point, but some people don’t want to live in a disposable world. If you can upgrade, do it. Keep the board instead of just getting a new one

    EDIT: Some people also believe their OW+ battery actually isn’t adequate for the increased power of the new board. Especially heavier riders. If onewheel wants to keep a fan base, they owe it to their riders

  • @shaka-wheeler It really isn't apple to oranges... the iPhones body from a 5 to a 5S / 6 to 6s literally keeps the exact same body and frame work, its how they make more profit by not changing molds and all the other components to production. The phone is technically modular, they just don't make it easy to dissemble or promote it, just as FM. A car is the same shit, rarely does one year really drastically change in design or frame work, they stick new components in and make the device better...

    As of now this XR has a whole new bumper/bottom plate that we can only assume contains new controller board, obviously new batteries etc.. just cause they kept the motor and frame the same doesn't mean they will just sell people battery kits for self install.

    Quite literally the same exact situation as my examples.

  • Can FM confirm what the % of additional torque is? And is the XR using a different motor from the plus? Thanks

  • @julian thank you for the specs! In the press releases you claim the XR also has more power. Is it the same motor? Or is the better battery allowing the motor to use more of its potential?

  • @shaka-wheeler think about what apple did to the 3 and then the 4. You could change out the broken screen on a 3 no problem; it was one of the first things to come off the phone so you didn’t have to worry about messing with the components. By 4 or 5 the screen was the final thing you could access and had to completely dismantle the phone to replace the screen. Companies want to retain that power because 1) more revenue, and 2) they control quality of repair. This is not uncommon in the tech world.

  • @shaka-wheeler the battery in my Prius plug in appears designed to be easily swapped out but now it’s four years old and still the only battery upgrades are very boutique/custom/prohibitively expensive. I am hoping that the aftermarket will still come up with viable options for extending range on both my Prius and my Onewheel+ but I don’t know how long it might take... even with ongoing battery technology advances, designing reliable power storage isn’t easy.

  • I see that the new OW+XR battery is NMC. I believe the OW+ is a LiFePO4. NMC have great energy density, but limited discharge rates (up to 2C) vs LiFePO4 discharge rates of up to 25C. Hopefully the new battery will be able to supply the brief but very high amperage draws needed for acceleration. As someone who’s been properly injured twice by sudden nosedives, I’m surprised the capacity is only 324Wh. If I’m not mistaken, at 2C maximum discharge rate, an NMC battery of that capacity can only put out 648 watts. Isn’t the motor 750 Watts?

  • @runtgun are you saying the current battery on + may only be able to supply half the motor’s power? And the XR would be nearing full power? Trying to fully understand your post and wondering if that accounts for the battery sag I’ve felt in the + at lower battery percentages.

  • @runtgun if you connect cells in parallel you'll get a higher amperage, with a same Wh- rating

    Maybe thats how they could compensate for the lower specific power (Max coulomb discharge * Volt: basically the Horsepower rating of a battery).

    Im curious to see how they have designed this model, because the motor doesnt just go to 750W on the OW +, it can go above 1000w momentarily. (Electric motors have a designed wattage, and then a floating (mostly temperature constraining) wattage)
    Thats how a lot of manufacturers get around european wattage laws on scooter power.

    Sell it as a cheap shitty 250W e-bike, and with a software unlock you get a 2500W (very illegal) monster.

  • @runtgun I want to add to my previous post, as I see now where you went wrong.

    Wh = Volts*Amperage * 60 minutes.

    I.e a onewheel with a battery of 324Wh , that draws 324 Watts (assuming constant draw) , then you can only power it for an hour.
    C = Coulomb, = how many amps each battery cell can supply.
    Voltage = how much energy each electron from the battery has.

    A quick example.

    I have two batteries that both hold 2 Amp hours (Ah)
    Battery 1 : 12 V * 2 = 24 Wh
    Battery 2 : 100V *2 = 200 Wh

    In any case, if I half the voltage, and double the Ah, I will maintain the same Wh rating.

    Things are never this simple, but it should give you some intuition to how the different terminologies interplay.

  • @runtgun
    I’m really interested in this too. I’ve found that my + seems to get an unstable amount of current when the battery is lower. I believe it’s relating to voltage sag, but when the board hits a certain load the amps just absolutely spikes/surges. I didn’t think the + battery could sustain enough power/load to the motor. When I heard they changed batteries, I was thinking lipo because it would be able to supply way more power quicker. I was surprised to see they went for these NMC cells

  • @julian Can you give the Plus specs for a direct comparison?


  • yeah great news if you dont already own a OW+. For those of us who do, basically we are stuck with a sub-par model. Even worse if we just bought a OW+. Reminds me of the iPhone market, releasing newer and better phones every year, rendering older models extinct.

  • Guys... An updated model coming out does not render the previous version obsolete. That older model is still just as good as it ever was.

    It does hurt when you've just purchased the previous model, but it happens.

  • I just bought my plus second half of 2017, and I'm personally stoked about the fact that I get to ride it every day until March when my XR comes, and beyond.

    It is still the board I paid for, it is still the most fun and awesome thing I own, and I can still go on 10-mile-plus adventures thanks to external battery packs for recharges.

    The belly-aching about range envy from plus owners is really getting old. We all got exactly what we paid for. We have something, presently, TODAY, which has no equal or superior that is commercially available. Where exactly is the ripoff?

  • @cbr-954rr Hope this helps


  • @julian It definitely helps although Onewheel really has to stop advertising the 20 minute charge time on the plus when we all know it's double that.

    What I'm really getting at is: will the charge time on the XR really be 110 minutes or will it be double the advertised number like the plus? And just to clarify, we're talking about 0%-100% charge.

  • @cbr-954rr Yes, 110min will be your worse case starting at 0% and waiting until 100%

  • We need a trade in option or people are going to start getting pissed off with these piddly upgrades.

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