Plus disengages suddenly/footpad sensor error

  • I'm getting a footpad sensor error on the app that says my foot has been off for 4 seconds etc..
    Is this a bad sensor?

  • @mtruby82 I get the same thing sometimes, usually carving tight turns at lower speeds. I think it might be from my heel/toe getting light on a pad during the turn...frontside turn lifts heel off the pad a little, backside turn lifts toes.

    I haven't noticed any effect at all except the app notification. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • MTRuby, I am happy to see you have asked this question; I was just getting ready to ask about this. I have gotten a notification on the app many times, without any noticeable effect while riding. The message says, "Foot pad sensor — You have been off one footpad for more than 10 seconds while riding 7.2 MPH - please be careful not to deactivate the footpads while riding!"

    Does anyone know what FM has said about this? I search the comments and posts below (quickly) and did not notice any discussions. Thanks for your responses.

  • If you have the app running you can see the image showing if it sees your foot touching or not.

    If the senor is good, it's usually foot position or shoe type causing this. Probably good to watch the app for a few rides.

  • @toddfree I really wouldn't care about a random warning except I'm a little concerned about a nose dive at 19mph because OW thinks I got off. That would suck.

    Also, I asked tech support about this and they said that there is a sensor pad test you can perform. Use the app to see if its working as @skyman88 said, or you can do this more physical test..

    Put the OW in front of a wall at its resting position with the headlights facing the wall. Turn the power on and put your finger tips on the back pad and one finger on each of the front sensor areas. The lights get bright as you should see in the reflection in the wall. Take one finger off one of the sensors in the front and the lights should get dim again. Put both fingers back on and it should get bright again. Then take the other finger off the second front sensor and it should get dim again. This, according to them, tells you if the sensors are working properly.

    They also informed me that cold temperatures affect the sensors and make them malfunction. I told her I'm from Michigan and thats ten months of our year so I'll have to take my chances! HA!

  • @mtruby82

    Also, once above 1 mph you only need one sensor engaged. But agree on the uneasy feeling. Watch your foot position closely next ride, check the app and see if you get the warning again.

    I get it when carving hard because my heel or toe lifts from time to time. And a lot of people have sensor errors in the cold.

  • @mtruby82 Excellent. Thank you for sharing. I am going to try this test. And I agree with the nose dive part, especially at a top speed.

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