Upgrade Onewheel Plus to an XR?

  • Been thinking about this today. I just can't believe they would shaft all the people that got new one wheels for xmas by releasing a new board 2 weeks later. That's pretty rude if those peeps can't upgrade their brand new boards. I'd be pissed. I'm sure they considered the blowback from these customers?? Or maybe they don't care and just wanted to offload all the +s they could during the holidays as who would buy one now?

  • @ventoriffic Hey Ventoriffic. I just want to re-direct you a bit, its going to be a semi long post.

    The current battery used in a OW is a Lithium Iron Phospate oxide (Li-Fe-PO4, or LFP), these are basically the safest batteries around. A Li-Po is a Lithium Polymer Battery which uses a semi-solid gel like substance for electrolytic magic.

    The NMC as mentioned, is a so called Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt battery, which achieves a higher energy density than LFP, but has certain drawbacks aswell. (expect shorter battery lifecycles with NMC)

    A quick comparison of LFP vs NMC

    Pros with a LFP :
    Very Stable (even at full charge)
    Flat Voltage throughout use ( Very low voltage drop as you deplete the battery)
    High Charge/Discharge rates (lots of amps!!)
    Little risk of thermal runaway (No Kaboom)
    Supreme Longevity ( going to last you forever!)
    Higher discharge rate when not in use (compared to other batteries)
    Lower Energy Density
    Lower voltage (3.2-3.6 V)

    Pros with NMC:
    Higher Energy Density ( More milage, less bulk) Basically the selling point for the XR
    Higher Voltage ( More Power!(ish) 4-4.2 ish)
    A subsequent consequence of higher voltage is the ability to drive faster, as electric motor RPM limiter is
    Voltage. Of course if you cant give it the torque (amps) it doesnt matter.

    Worse longevity (expect about half of LFP life)
    Higher risk for Thermal Runway ( not as bad as phone batteries tho)
    Longer Charge times ( Cannot be charged as fast)
    Higher production cost ( which is why you pay more)

    In Short:

    There seems to be a lot of sacrifices with this model, for the big advantage of the increased range. Its going to be interesting to see how FM deals with this new chemistry, but expect a different beast. One that, maybe doesnt grow as old as the O+.

    I also suspect the accelerations are going to differ, and charging times are going to go up. (if the battery capacity is double the O+, i expect the charging time to be 4 times as much, due to battery limitations)
    I also do want to point out that most EV's are leaning toward NMC as an intersection point in safety, longevity, and power.

  • @drn3rd: awesome comparison - thanks for your effort!

  • @cascadewheeler I spoke to a girl (forgot to get her name) on the Support line yesterday, and she stated that A). + will not be upgradeable to XR's, the XR battery size is several mm thicker and will not fit in the + frame (I had hoped that those black plates on the bottom of the XR, meant that XR frame was the same size as the +, and those were just the new battery/power covers, but according to her they are just rail protection), and B.) that there were no plans that she was aware of to help out anyone who got the + recently but would have preferred to get the XR (I got my + August 9 2017, so exactly 5 months too soon - I would have paid the extra for more range.)

    It'd be nice if FM offered prior OW customers a discount on newer models to encourage upgrades and smooth these kinds of ruffled feathers. Even something like $50 or $75 or $100 off, even if mostly symbolic, would feel like at least a customer loyalty acknowledgement.

  • @drn3rd I do apologise for some repetition in my previous post. To somehow try and redeem myself from shame, I can only apologise for the horrid mistakes I have committed.

  • @dr-trill
    I’m with you my OW+ arrived on December 13th

    I sent a note to customer service if I could upgrade

    After a reabout note they said “no”

    If it makes you feel better they said XRs won’t ship until March which probably means April

  • @glyph @corlux
    Pretty much what you're describing, a dyi ow+ upgrade for increased range: two-x.com But does not stay completely within the frame.

  • Now that a few XRs are in the wild. Has anyone had the opportunity to see if this is feasible, or nail down why this couldn't be done?

  • Someone posted a video that allows that OW+ to be charged while riding. This would be a great feature for me when I go golfing. I'm thinking about a right-angled XLR connector and coiled cable to my Carvepower sitting in my golf bag. All the video referenced was that Pin 3 to ground was lifted. I hope this is true and not a prank like the Solar Sombrero.

  • Hey @Gadgetrider - get yourself an XR, now! You need a board that lasts all 18 holes!
    I saw the Carvepower video - wires were swinging everywhere - the rider looked like a hospital patent walking with their IV pole. Not elegant.

    BTW, I'm also an avid golfer, and a huge fan of Canadian golf instructor Shawn Clement - is he in your neighborhood?

  • @wheelcity said in Upgrakow Sde Onewheel Plus to an XR?:

    Shawn Clement

    I don't know Shawn but I see he is located in Quebec City. I am near Toronto - about 8 hours west of Quebec City.

    As for the patient walking with the IV pole - I get that picture. However, I do have a golf bag on my back so the a "coiled" cable is going to be manageable. I first need confirmation from an experimenting user that this 3 pin disconnect is actually valid (Sonny?). Last year was my first year on the course and I hope this year they will let me continue to golf and shred. If they are accepting of me and my OW, I see an XR in my future. But now, I already have 2 OW+'s and I'm waiting to see how durable my present products hold up and to see how your XR's are doing as well.

  • @Gadgetrider disconnection of the 3rd pin is confirmed to charge while riding....I have it working now, as well as many others before me.

  • @kkohlmann55 thanks for confirming back. I posted that message 23 days ago and have since made and used my coiled cable 2 or 3 times already. This has been an amazing discovery for me as the lack of range anxiety has further improved upon the enjoyment that I already had with this thing! In a couple weeks, my son and I will probably head down to NC or SC and do some serious trail riding. I need to rig up a second CNR pack asap!

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