Upgrade Onewheel Plus to an XR?

  • Someone posted a video that allows that OW+ to be charged while riding. This would be a great feature for me when I go golfing. I'm thinking about a right-angled XLR connector and coiled cable to my Carvepower sitting in my golf bag. All the video referenced was that Pin 3 to ground was lifted. I hope this is true and not a prank like the Solar Sombrero.

  • Hey @Gadgetrider - get yourself an XR, now! You need a board that lasts all 18 holes!
    I saw the Carvepower video - wires were swinging everywhere - the rider looked like a hospital patent walking with their IV pole. Not elegant.

    BTW, I'm also an avid golfer, and a huge fan of Canadian golf instructor Shawn Clement - is he in your neighborhood?

  • @wheelcity said in Upgrakow Sde Onewheel Plus to an XR?:

    Shawn Clement

    I don't know Shawn but I see he is located in Quebec City. I am near Toronto - about 8 hours west of Quebec City.

    As for the patient walking with the IV pole - I get that picture. However, I do have a golf bag on my back so the a "coiled" cable is going to be manageable. I first need confirmation from an experimenting user that this 3 pin disconnect is actually valid (Sonny?). Last year was my first year on the course and I hope this year they will let me continue to golf and shred. If they are accepting of me and my OW, I see an XR in my future. But now, I already have 2 OW+'s and I'm waiting to see how durable my present products hold up and to see how your XR's are doing as well.

  • @Gadgetrider disconnection of the 3rd pin is confirmed to charge while riding....I have it working now, as well as many others before me.

  • @kkohlmann55 thanks for confirming back. I posted that message 23 days ago and have since made and used my coiled cable 2 or 3 times already. This has been an amazing discovery for me as the lack of range anxiety has further improved upon the enjoyment that I already had with this thing! In a couple weeks, my son and I will probably head down to NC or SC and do some serious trail riding. I need to rig up a second CNR pack asap!

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