Onewheel+ XR order numbers

  • @wolfie Hopefully! So far it looks like tomorrow!! Did you get a delivery date yet? I am watching the "Race for the Rail" video, which just happened. Don't tell me who won.

  • Still says June!!! Now I will be checking every 10 minutes instead of every hour! Maybe I will go buy some shoes. Thinking Vans pro skate or Nike SB. Hmmmm.

  • @wheelrich ahah ! So difficult to wait
    They should have develop a notification about shipping in the main app
    Keep us informed !

  • @sayreul I agree! No change yet.

  • SHIPPED! Just got an email saying the board has shipped via FedEx. Note: it took a couple more minutes before the "dude, where's my onewheel?" caught up, but now they both confirm it. Order 26264, made on May 15. Original ship date was June 19, but it moved up to June 12, then 11.

    As soon as I get an estimated delivery date, I will come back here and post it, for those who are trying to guesstimate delivery times (which is probably all of us).

    I am in So Cal, so I am hoping no more than 4 days.

  • @wheelrich WEDNESDAY! FedEx is estimating a 2 day delivery. Amazing! I guess it pays to live in the same state it is made in. Don't tell Brown...he'll add a convenience tax!

  • @wheelrich great news ! Perfect delivery just before week end ! Enjoy

  • Funny, my board shippped last Friday (it’s supposed to arrive this Thursday), but I received an email last night at 9 PM Pacific Time stating the fender and bumper just shipped. No biggie... I was just surprised as I had assumed everything shipped Friday.

  • @wolfie where do you live ?

    During order process I think it is indicate that accessories will be shipped separately

  • @sayreul you’re right, it is. I just didn’t read it carefully enough. Thought I’d mention it in case it helps others that don’t read well like me :)

    I live in Michigan.

  • @wolfie yeah my helmet and stand haven't shipped yet. But I have a helmet I can use until they get here. I saw that Flight fenders might go out this week. I have a preorder.

    Not getting the Flight fins until I see how well I do on this thing. Doubt I will be doing anything to need them, but you never know.

  • OK just checked and my OW was in Tracy CA and left 2 minutes ago. Looks like it is coming down the I-5 by truck. If I drive to north of LA and wait on the 5 with a big sign, do you think they would let me have it today instead of tomorrow?? Not that I'm obsessed or anything.

  • @wheelrich too funny dude! I’ve got my bike helmet and a snowboarding helmet, so I’ll be good too!

    Yours arrives tomorrow! You’ll have to report back and give us your first impressions!

  • @wolfie I definitely will. I was gonna play it safe and charge it for 48 hrs, as recommended by others. I read the owners manual and only found they advise charging overnight once and I am too anxious to try it.

    So while it charges I will install floats and sidekicks. If I get it while it is still daylight I am trying it after initial charge...then either way I will charge it all night and ride more Thursday.

    Oh...the cops said I can't stand in the middle of the freeway any more....j/k

  • order 2790X moved from 11th July to 10th July....

  • @sayreul nice!

  • @wheelrich which mode are you going to start in? I’ve read nose dives are less common in the non-beginner modes (like delirium), but those modes don’t limit your speed. I wish the app let you limit speed regardless of the riding mode. (Hope I’m not spreading misinformation - going on memory here!)

    Are the float plates for doing tricks?

  • @wolfie I have been pondering that myself. I think I am going to start with Mission. It reports good power and a wide spectrum of handling. From what I have read the lesser modes don't give as much control. that's as much a hazard as anything. So Mission first, maybe delirium eventually.

    BTW my OW has been sitting less than 25 miles from me for the last 4 hours!

  • @wheelrich thanks! I’ll read up on mission! I’m stoked for you man! Today is the day! Tell us about your will power and how long you actually let it charge before you try it! :)

  • @wolfie lol. already lost the willpower. While it charges I plan to install float plates and sidekicks, then try it as soon as it is charged. Oh and I got float plates just to preserve the underside. They seem pretty tough and I think the stock is hard plastic that wears away fast, depending on crashes, hard stops, etc. Just seemed like a good idea. Same with the side kicks. But I am not gonna worry beyond that, about scratches...they will come quick, I'm sure.

    It is about 10 miles from me in the last staging area right now!

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