Onewheel+ XR order numbers

  • @wheelrich where are you? Awesome to hear it’s precharged! We’ve really hijacked this thread but it’s all good! :)

  • @wolfie We sure have! You are talking to a genuine certified FLOATER, dude!! I did it in full regalia. I waited til the temp dropped to 100 and could wait no more.

  • @wheelrich killer!! I’ll be padding up too, haha! Did you use mission mode? How’d you do? Can’t wait to have mine tomorrow!

  • @wolfie yes, mission mode. helmet, knee, elbow, wrist/hand pads, high top Vans skater shoes. 100 degrees outside. did it in my grassy but very lumpy backyard. I wisely asked my neighbor to spot me. He wants to eventually try it as well.

    IMPRESSIONS: starting the board requires not just covering the front pads, but stepping hard on them..putting enough weight like you are trying to balance yourself. I tried balancing with the board turned off first, and I am glad I did. While the wheel is a very flat go kart wheel, I did have some trouble balancing sideways while moving across the grass. I am sure it would have been easier on a more flat surface, but I had to keep compensating for the uneven ground while moving. I actually starting picking up a little carving.

    Now my neighbor stayed with me for support, but I did have moments where I felt totally in control. Also, when I sped up a bit, it was easier to control.

    Probably spent 1/2 hour just going back and forth and turning wide circles. Practiced stopping and deactivating a few times, too.

    DEACTIVATING TIP: I have read how a lot of newbies have trouble doing the heel lift deactivate motion and just jump off. But I figured it out pretty quick. I think the reason is that in lifting my heel I tending to shift my weight to the back and the board thot I wanted to go that way before I could fully deactivate. So I tried to push down hard with my front toe as I lifted my front heel. That worked great. I never had to jump off to stop.

    Now I know I can do this and it is just a matter of practicing some every day. Can't wait to be able to carve and float independently.

    You will love it, I'm sure.

  • @wheelrich thanks for sharing your experience and especially for the dismount tip. Lifting your heel and pushing down with your toes makes sense. Congrats man! I’ll be doing the same thing tomorrow on my lawn. I even mowed it today to prepare! Lol

  • @wolfie enjoy! I know you will. I think in the morning I am going to clear off my 20X20 carport and just practice balance going back and forth. I believe it will be easier on a level surface.

  • @wolfie Today's the day! Good luck! Let us know your first impressions.

  • @wheelrich just found it in my driveway! Opening it now! Wooho!

  • @wolfie well all right! congrats

  • @wheelrich I plugged it into the charger and it turned green about a minute later. Seems fully charged!

  • Sometime in the last hour or so my order change from estimated shipping on the 15th (tomorrow) to the 14th (today). FM, are you guys just goofing around with my emotions?!?

  • @getpittedbruh Mine too!!! Now get me some tracking info!

  • @wolfie that's just what mine did. I played with it, then put it on the charger overnight. Today it was at 100% when I started using it again.

  • @wheelrich went for my first ride in the grass around my house! I took to it pretty quickly, actually - I expected to struggle more. I held my wife’s shoulders for about a minute then off I went haha! I’ve been kiteboarding since 2007, and I surf and SUP and lately I’ve been foil surfing behind a wake boat. These board skills definitely transfer over! After doing slow, wide figure 8s in the back yard for a bit, I ventured around the whole house, went down and up the gentle slope, and road across the driveways and on our neighborhood road for a second. I’m ranked 353 on the legerboard haha!! Top speed (and I can see how it would be hard to stop myself from going fast once I get more comfy!) was 10.4 mph - I felt a breeze in my face! I rode 2 miles.

    I have a hard time dismounting and riding switch. I end up bringing the board to a stop and hopping off. I actually had the board shoot into the back of my calf trying a dismount, which gave me a little scrape. My 4 year old daughter was super excited because she got to put a bandaid one me! :)

    One thing that surprised me is if I’m standing next to the board with the front down and push my back foot on the board to teeter totter it so the front pad is up, the wheel spins. I expected both feet to half to be on the board to engage the wheel.

    My calfs are burning!!! Fun!

  • That’s awesome your guys’ shipping dates moved up!

  • @wolfie wow, that is great! unfortunately I don't have those skills...balancing sideways in any way, so I am having to get used to it slowly. Getting ready for my 3rd practice now. But I am confident that it is coming along. I'm going to deflat the tire a little. I think that will stabilize me more, for the time being.

    That tire spin thing is weird. So you were not touching the front, but it was down, and stepping on the back made it spin??? I will keep an eye out for that.

  • @wheelrich you’ll get it! I do so much boarding on the water man. Nice to know my dues there are paying off here.

    Yup - if the back foot pad is up and I step on it with my back foot to push it down onto the ground the wheel spins super fast - it’s scary! I think maybe it’s because I’m pushing down with too much force. I didn’t think the wheel was supposed to spin with only foot on the board. I received a wheel slip message when it happened.

  • @wolfie that doesn't sound right. my front never goes down, so haven't had that issue. what mode are you in? maybe try some others.

    I just tried delirium, and what I have heard seems is more responsive, so a little easier to balance. just have to be sure I don't let it get away from me. I lowered the tire pressure first, but that didn't have much effect.

  • @wolfie said in Onewheel+ XR order numbers:

    Yup - if the back foot pad is up and I step on it with my back foot to push it down onto the ground the wheel spins super fast - it’s scary! I think maybe it’s because I’m pushing down with too much force. I didn’t think the wheel was supposed to spin with only foot on the board. I received a wheel slip message when it happened.

    Are you sure you're not backwards? The front should ALWAYS be up when the board is just sitting there. The front has the line down the middle separating the sensor pads, which are on both sides. It "sounds" like you are stepping on the front to bring it down which would engage the sensors and make the wheel spin forward.

    Hopefully this is just a noobie mistake, LOL.

  • @onedan LMAO!!! You are so right my friend!!! I rode it 7 miles like this lol! I took it out on the paved roads in my neighborhood, then onto the dirt road our neighborhood is off. Rode by horse farms as the sun was setting. Got to see the headlight in action :)

    This thing is amazing. Can’t wait to try riding in frontwards tomorrow! Lol

    THANKS for setting me straight! Too funny....

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