Battery Regen from carving on a flat surface?

  • I just rode my OW+ for 20 min around the convention center where I'm working and it kept giving me regen warnings because I was over 99% on my battery. I don't understand how this is possible because its all a flat surface with no hills. I was carving pretty much the whole time so I'm wondering if its regenerating the battery from that? If it is, thats crazy... I was creating more energy than I was using on a flat surface. Anyone else seen this?

  • @mtruby82 when your carving, your going to be shifting speed quite frequently.

    The warning will be from you slowing down, and that in turn leading to an electric current recharging the battery, hence the warning. This warning could compound if the onewheel for any reason wasnt registering proper battery drain.

    In short. You slowed down with a topped up battery, slowing down converted kinetic energy into a surplus of electrical energy. Onewheel gave you a warning.

  • It happens because the software battery gauge is software-based, buggy (in my experience) and often inaccurate. Secondary calculations in this (buggy) software drive the warning messages you see, and not direct measurements of the state of the battery: the software is lying to you. This is why I disabled the 99% overcharge warning - it consistently alarmed when I was in no actual danger of overcharge. Unless you live on top of a monstrously tall hill starting with 100% battery you are not likely to run into this "overcharge shutdown" condition in the real world.

  • It is not possible to regenerate power from carving alone - friction at the tire is absorbing your lateral back-and-forth push, there's no way to send that energy back into the battery.

  • @readysetawesome How do you disable the Warning? I've seen other people talking about disabling things like footpad sensor errors and such. I can't find anywhere in the App that would give me this much control..

  • @mtruby82

    There is a stupid ass design decision at play here: There are two 'versions' of "Settings"

    The first is the one you know, let's call it "Board Settings" - this is what you get when you're connected to a Onewheel. The second type is "App Settings" - you can only get this by having the app recognize that you're not connected to any board, and then going into settings.

    Shut off your board.
    Go to settings. Scroll to the bottom, and click "Disconnect".
    You may need to reload the app, or switch screens, but now "Settings" will have what you want.

  • @ow-miami Nice! Thanks man! I never would have thought to do that.

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