Speedometer Wrong!???

  • Like the title, This is about my V1. I always look at the app, and the speedometer always said 13MPH when i started to feel pushback. I then got a + and realized the speeds felt different.

    I ran around on the V1 with the OW app open and a garmin GPS, and i found that 13MPH on the OW app was actually 11.5 MPH according to the GPS.

    Does pushback measure off speed, because i believe 11.5MPH is a little early to already be hitting pushback, no?

  • @shaka-wheeler I don't know, I just know the app's speedometer is probably not great. I have two pluses: both are in good condition, arrived within a few weeks of each other. According to the speedometers, one will not ever get above 15.7 mph top speed and the other board will get to 17 or 18 - I'm riding them the same way.

  • @shaka-wheeler : Pushback is related to how hard the motor has to work. Speed is only one of the many factors than can result in higher motor load. The OW+ having a more powerful motor, it makes sense pushback happens later...
    I rode my OW+ alongside road signs that tell you how fast you drive: it was always pretty much bang on. More tests needed. :)
    I'm afraid GPS speed is not accurate enough to test the board speedometer, unless perhaps in very specific conditions?

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