Trying to find different tire than VEGA MBM 6"

  • Hey guys,

    I'm think that if there is other tire options for onewheel than VEGA MBM 6" 11.5x6.5-6.

    I was thinking about these tires from VEGA Italy because it's quite hard to find MBM tires in Europe.
    And I know there is this website and company from Finland doing this
    but HEY COME ON one tire cost like for international shipping 135€. That's an ripoff! but for me when I even live in Finland the price is 119€... just bonkers for me.

    But yeah I have been looking for different tire than VEGA MBM 3" 11.5x6.5-6

    Also seen this but yeah it really doesn't help

    any help guys?

  • Summit is a huge internet hot rod company here. Can they ship you a Hoosier tire at a better rate? I love all the Hoosiers...
    Just bout anything is better than the Vega (too stable and flat). The Hoosier in 6.5" and 5.5" are fantastic. Just choose how soft you want your rubber.
    Also, try eBay. There are a lot of international shipping brokers that handle shipping from american sellers at a decent price.

  • What's wrong with your stock Vega tire? Unless it's worn out, just keep it!

    There are dozens of posts on this form on how some aftermarket rounded tire that starts with the letter "H" and rhymes with "Boozier" transforms the OneWheel+ from a dull, grandpa-mobile into a hot-rod Carve-o-matic 2000.

    Don't buy into it. I did, and I really regret it. Read my post "Installed the Hoosier tire. A little disappointing."

    Good luck.

  • @wheelcity I am sure you will agree its all about personal preference. Once I put on the Hoosier, the board seemed to come alive and felt very light and maneuverable. And in my climate (Steamboat Springs CO) I simply MUST have some type of tread and a softer rubber compound in the winter if I am to stay upright thru snow, slush and ice. I am studding the narrow Hoosier next week as the black ice situation is ridiculous from time to time.
    I will probably switch back to the VEGA in the Summer but I might also get a wider Hoosier so I can have the superior grip of a treaded tire when I am not on smooth concrete or pavement. That Vega just feels like a real dog now that I have experienced the liveliness of a more rounded tire.

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