Parts or Sell

  • Do we think the XR is basically the same as the + EXCEPT the battery? Trying to decide if i should push hard to sell my + or keep it maybe for parts on the XR

    Anyone else thinking like me?

  • Selling right now is the worst thing you could do. Many are selling in the next month so the resale price is at its lowest... You have to sell it cheap and then wait who knows how long without a board to ride for another board to come... They are always much later than they say. My honest guess based on past experience is nearly June. I wouldn't.

  • @noxbit my guess is you’ll only be able to share footpads and the motor hub/wheel. I agree with the other poster, intend to keep my plus at least until the XR has been reliable for a couple hundred miles. A well cared for OW+ will continue to have good resale value IMO through at least the summer

  • Yah i wasn't intending on selling mine until long after the XR was here and good to ride. But i think it'd be worth it to keep the + around for spare footpads, tire and rotor if needed but also a spare board for a friend should the need arise. I'd be curious to know exactly which parts would be interchangeable.

  • @noxbit It is great riding with friends as long as they are willing to take the chance!

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