Sell current OW+ to buy new XR or just buy boosted board?

  • I bought a OW+ in September. Love it. At 6'3 225lbs I only get 4 miles per charge, which means any commuting has to be within 2 miles. The XR is super appealing to me but it's hard to justify plopping down $1,800 to get what will probably be a 10 mile range (for me). I am considering selling current OW+ but what would I realistically get for it? It has 360 miles. $1,200, $1,000? I would be hard pressed to believe anyone within striking distance of buying a plus wouldn't just spend the extra for the more than double range.

    So my investment in a OW+XR would be around $2,300 considering the sale of the current OW+. OR I could get a boosted for long distance shredding for $1500 with a 12 mile range and keep the current OW+ for shredding with a partner.

    Lastly just keep the OW+ and my $$$... decisions decisions. What are you guys doing?

  • @brageorgia My biggest hindrance in buying the + was range. I'm similar weight and height and was getting 4-5 miles on my friend's +. At that point I started looking into other e-boards and while Boosted and Evo have more range and speed, they don't have the same maneuverability, aka "The Float Life". Started watching videos of e-skaters going out in packs and immediately I noticed the stiffness of boosted/evo riders vs the flow of the OW riders and knew the OW was what I wanted for certain because for me, this was mostly going to be a device for fun, commuting second.

    That being said, you gotta ask yourself what exactly are you looking for? Boosted/Evo are cheaper with longer range and if you're simply looking to upgrade your commutability, that may be the option.

  • I've got about 5 destinations that I frequent that are within striking distance of my house for the OW. Unless it's raining I take the OW. With more range that would exponentially increase how often and much I ride. I agree the OW is a much better ride than e-boards but the range is about the same as the XR. So it comes down to, is it ~2300 for OW+xr only or 3K for Boosted & a OW+.

    Anyone else selling and trading up?

  • I don't see a point in selling the OW+ to preorder an XR, like some seem to be doing unless you already have a second board. Keep riding the Plus until the XR is no longer backordered. I think it will be hard to sell a Plus at the moment with the excitement over the XR, but eventually people will be looking at the Plus again as a better option for a second board rather than spend another $1800.

    The XR is $1799. With shipping and fender, I don't think you would be hitting $2300.

  • @ianjohnson Fender is free, shipping is also free, if one buys at the $1799 price now

    I disagree that it will be hard to sell an OW+ any time soon, for many people the range is just fine, especially casual non-commuter riders. I didn't really have the skill or muscle tone to use more range until I had put a few hundred miles on the board.

  • I have a Boosted Board V2 Dual + for sale. Let me know if you are interested.

  • You have failed to consider the most reasonable option.

    Keep the + as a backup and for beating on, or loaning to friends to ride with you.

    Use the XR for your longer rides, but make it your 'baby' board.

    Or.. That's what I'm doing anyway. Actually, keeping 2 +'s. One for daily use, one for loans/backup/beating on like a mule...

    For me that makes the most sense - cost is sunk - and this gives me a LOT of options and a guaranteed board ready to go - it was PAINFUL to send my only OW back for service.

  • @ow-miami

    And only one had potential to fly with you. The XR will have to be shipped

  • I ordered my XR last week then just sold my Original OW for Almost a 1k with shipping cost. They seem to hold decent value on that... Id give it a wirl!
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