Brand new OW+

  • 0 miles just out of the box - I charged it up and when it said it was charged unplugged it. Now it won’t turn on blinks too quick then a normal blink then another quick then turns off. WHat can I do - did I do something wrong

  • Error codes are in the manual... not sure what that one is is have to look it up. Hope ya didnt get a dud !

  • Best advice I have is to try standing on the tail and stomping the snot out of the sensor.

    Might not fix the board, but at least you'll have kicked the shit out of something... (And there's a chance it'll help!)

  • I've had exactly the same "bad luck" with my new OW +...
    Had to send it back to Future Motion.
    It's still by them for repair...
    The batteries appeared full and no problem could be red through the App.
    I suppose it might be a electronic card problem or something else between the battery unit and the engine as it seemed fully charged...rolled for a few meters, then the alarm rang saying : "Empty battery" and the board stopped immediately.
    Good luck ;-)