OneWheel+XR 300 mile trip

  • My curiosity is asking how well the trip actually went regarding charge times and riding. I watched the video and it was a nice ride from what it looks like. Originally I thought it was touted to be a three-day 300 mile trip and in the long run it looks like it turned into a four-day 300-mile trip. Did the charging time of the XR play a big role in the extension of a day to the trip, or was I mistaken about the original plan of the 3 Day trip?

  • They had 4 riders switching off every charge with a board. New rider, new board. Depleted board would go back in the van and charge while rider rested.

  • Ok, I had the idea that it would be 1 board with a couple riders to switch out. That still must have been a cool trip to do. The 1 board 300 mile trip, would have been tougher, being every 13 - 18 miles, a nearly 2 hour charge cycle would have to occur.

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