Quick pivots and turning

  • @510-1-whl Stick with the stock Vega. At some point your skill will improve and you will notice that the Vega feels annoyingly hard to turn at higher speeds. That's when you get the Hoosier. You might have a more relaxed ride style and never feel a problem with the Vega. In that case, the Hoosier will just be annoying because it is really hard to dismount safely compared to Vega. Stopping and holding still without scaring people near you is much easier on Vega.

  • @desperado said in Quick pivots and turning:

    @510-1-whl Stick with the stock Vega. At some point your skill will improve and you will notice that the Vega feels annoyingly hard to turn at higher speeds.

    @desperado Ha ha. You know, at higher speeds, I prefer my board to be annoyingly difficult to turn. Otherwise, I'm pulling pebbles out of my face ;)

    It's all about personal preference. I like cruising fast, in a straight line, while watching my golden retriever to make sure she hasn't gotten herself into trouble while simultaneously checking my stocks on my iPhone. If none of this describes your riding style, then the Hoosier is for you.

  • @wheelcity Ha, unless you are trying to dodge rocks and roots, then you'll get the pebble face. Vega and Hoosier are def for totally different ride styles. I miss the Vega when I'm just trying to go on a Chipotle run. I have given up trying a graceful dismount with Hoosier and now just shamelessly use the wall to balance while I deactivate the sensor. Looking forward to getting my XR so I can have the Vega on one and Hoosier on the other. Be careful out there with your distracted riding, nothing is more annoying than having a shattered phone when you are trying to call an ambulance. :-)

  • @desperado haha i jump off all the time now. There's just no sitting still on a hoosier for long enough to make it worth trying to deactivate the sensor. No walls where i ride.

  • @makermarc @desperado @WheelCity

    Other folks are riding the Hoosier slick and love it. More responsive than the Vega but still stable when stopped.

    And recently a handful of people have changed to the Burris treaded tire. Transfers less shock than the Hoosier due to softer side walls, is still very nimble but stable.

  • @skyman88 I'd like to try a Burris one day. Have been loving the hoosier treaded and can't wait to put the slick on for summer.

  • @cactvs How many miles before you did the swap to the new tire? Skater and snowboarder since I could walk. I'll really never be using it offroad, just gnarly streets and potholes. Whats the suggestion on tire?

  • @desperado All of this is completely useless without knowing your weight and height.

  • @510-1-whl I am 5'10" and 150 lbs. Size 10 shoe. If the board is not turning as easily as you want at medium speeds, go to a narrower tire is what it comes down to. The Vega will turn very easily at low speed if you tilt it on edge but of course it's very hard to balance like that.

  • @510-1-whl about 7 miles! I knew I wanted more "instability" out of a tire! If you are a boardsports person, I really believe the Vega is too flat and stable to fully enjoy the one wheel. FM uses it so the most people can enjoy the Onewheel right out of the box. Any tire with a little roundness to the profile is better. I will be putting on the Hoosier 6.5 D30 for the summer once we are out of snow season here in the High Country of Colorado.

  • I was having the same issue and learned that more back foot is at least part of the solution. More back foot helps get the Vega up on an edge.

  • Ask yourself, "Am I looking for an electric longboard with large fat wheels that can effortlessly cruise long distances, or a loose, trick skateboard with tiny wheels that can turn quickly?" If you answered the latter, the Hoosier tire is for you.

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