Quick pivots and turning

  • @510-1-whl about 7 miles! I knew I wanted more "instability" out of a tire! If you are a boardsports person, I really believe the Vega is too flat and stable to fully enjoy the one wheel. FM uses it so the most people can enjoy the Onewheel right out of the box. Any tire with a little roundness to the profile is better. I will be putting on the Hoosier 6.5 D30 for the summer once we are out of snow season here in the High Country of Colorado.

  • I was having the same issue and learned that more back foot is at least part of the solution. More back foot helps get the Vega up on an edge.

  • Ask yourself, "Am I looking for an electric longboard with large fat wheels that can effortlessly cruise long distances, or a loose, trick skateboard with tiny wheels that can turn quickly?" If you answered the latter, the Hoosier tire is for you.

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