Quick Poll: Unexpected Nosedives

  • @glyph If I had the plates on when I had my bad nose dive, my board wouldn't have lost so much aluminum. For $45 it's probably worth just reducing the risk of damage to the rails and control/battery boxes. And @jeffmccosker is a good dude to deal with.

  • @skyman88 WIse words indeed.

  • @readysetawesome said in Quick Poll: Unexpected Nosedives:


    I logged on specifically to ask basically this same question about board fails. This topic​ is so touchy I don't know if I could correctly word the question. I have nosedived and I can always surmise the scenario bu, after 600mi, I cannot say the board ever straight cut out on flat street cruising. The more I read the less I am confident in the hardware, software and hard work of all working to prevent that from happening. If I were an offline rider, my confidence would be stronger.
    I realize I'm asking for it here but I must..
    Who has had a spill on flat ground at cruising speed that was certainly machine error in their EXPERIENCED opinion?

  • @kbman What is cruising speed? Before or after pushback?

  • 200+ miles on mine. Two bad nosedives initially but pulled in the reigns and after 100 miles nothing then suddenly on a familiar nightly ride boom! Broken collar bone, had to have surgery, screws/metal. When spring rolls around I'll be looking like a football player on the thing. I had about 3 bad ones total, surely dead without a helmet. Pad up, no time to react. I believe the last was mechanical or something, just stopped dead on flat ground standing level, the others I was leaning too far forward and going uphill.

  • @aspenlife My first (and only) bad one happened at 256 miles, broke my arm and now have a frozen shoulder I am in physical therapy for, they think six months to totally recup. Flat ground, no issues I can see there (I went back to look at the spot recently), battery at 40%. Like you, no time to react, just BANG down to the concrete on my bicep, all 180 pounds of me.

    I THINK I may have overaccelerated from dead stop, but it's weird - I never have before, I'm not a particularly aggressive or "trick" rider, I just like riding around, heading to the pub, that sort of thing. Sidewalk surfing. It's possible I got cocky or careless, but I'm gonna have trouble trusting the board, and myself, for a while when I get back on.

    What kind of safety gear are you planning on using when you get back on? I've even briefly considered things like motorcycle armor/jacket, but it's so hot where I live that I probably either wouldn't wear it, or wouldn't ride. I'd like something to protect shoulders/biceps that ISN'T football pads. I did get bicep pads, and I am thinking about those padded stretchy shirts used for contact sports.

  • @readysetawesome YOU RIDE SWITCH ON THIS THING!?

  • I've ridden a lot and I'm not sure the mileage that I have but with the 3 boards I ride regularly(me riding more than 70 percent of the time) They all add up to around 3500 miles we have been riding since last December and I have had my share of crashes and all that stuff, first starting out I had less than I do now. Now what I've found how to push the boat to 20-23mph I've gotten myself into trouble, looking back I think that it was a smart idea to try and respect the board limits in the beginning from reading nosedive posts. Its not like I didn't push the board or have any fun I still went 15-17mph but I didn't push it too hard, when you start pushing the board beyond its limits and or give very very fast on bumpy surfaces you start to get yourself in trouble, that's how the majority of my injuries have happened other than offroad type accidents or while doing tricks. And no matter how well you trust your board always wear a helmet and wristguards at the minimum if you want to be able to move on with daily stuff after a crash I recommend you invest in some good elbow pads and knee pads. Since I'm a teenager it's not as big a deal if im banged up once and a while. So when I first started out I think that I had one bad crash that kept me from riding for a couple days I wasnt wearing wrist gaurds and probably messed it up bad since it still hurts to do some things just a little and I never went to a doctor about it, but I was cruising along and there was a drop in the sidewalk I knew it was there but I had ridden for like 30 40 miles and felt I could handle it going 15mph but aparently not I rode it out than moved my foot on landing bam I nosedived but this was also the v1 with the sensor just in the middle, learning on that one probably helped a ton too gives you less confidence so you dont try stupid stuff as soon into riding. With the plus boards, my sister learned on these and she never had a nosedive yet so I think you should get some riding under your belt 150-200 miles get confident in the board than ease into commuting with it and once your comfortable rip up the streets on your way to work. Also if you dare try riding switch for maybe 50 miles once you get your first 150-200 get a little used to it, right now I'm going to ride my next 300 miles switch so in the summer maybe my surfing on switch side will improve. Once you get a handle of these things they are a blast! And I bet one hell of a commuter, You will probably want a couple things for your onewheel too, if you are concerned about aesthetics get some grip cleaner and some float life sidekicks (ill post a link) you will probably also want some float plates and also a fender (all these things will set you up good for starting your onewheel journey, the float life sidekicks arent nescesary and neither are the float plates but if you want to protect the onewheel they sure do work good at protecting the internals and the looks of your board, and with a dog a fender is pretty much a MUST.

    Sidekicks: http://thefloat.life/product/float-sidekicks/
    Float Plates: http://thefloat.life/product/float-plates-jeff-mccosker-pro-model/
    There are a few fender options since you are a preorder you will probably receive a free fender from onewheel. @njcustom makes some sick ones, but don't get a nice one until you have ridden for a while so you don't scrape up a nice one.
    Nj: http://community.onewheel.com/topic/827/magnetic-carbon-fiber-fenders-for-sale-here/40
    Craft and ride: https://craftandride.com/collections/onewheel-fender
    And I know there are other people that make them just not sure who they are.

    on another note, after a while of one wheeling you will want some different grip the stuff that on if at least when we got ours wasn't very good peeled off on the sides and all that good stuff. so like craft and ride people have pre-cut grip tape that you can buy too in a couple different colors ill just post the link to the regular stuff though

    Grip: https://craftandride.com/collections/onewheel-griptape/products/onewheel-plus-griptape-in-black

    But for accessories and stuff I don't have much just a fender and float plates, and I kinda wish I had them earlier on so the sides weren't so scraped up, but it happens and you will find by looking on these forums that the onewheel community loves making things to use with the onewheel, like now a guy that snowboards a lot here in Colorado is part ofmaking these things called flight fins so you can just jump with your board they seem pretty cool and since I do some tricks I think they would make it fun, but for the average rider it would be usefull to jump up curbs and stuff.

    Flight Fins: http://www.flightfins.com

    Hope my big jumbled bunch of stuff was usefull and hope you have alot of fun on your xr board!

  • @offroadow I'm still skeptical on the float plates. I've got the fender that comes from OneWheel, its nice and scraped up, I could give two... Now that I'm in the street more I'm definitely starting to feel the pushback on Delirium, and at least for now I have zero interest in fighting it to go faster. 4.4 miles in 30 minutes is plenty fast.

  • @510-1-whl the float plates for me and my buddies that ride with it’s defintly a must because it protects your OneWheel and once you get good at stuff let’s you do slides and grinds, for people that can’t do slides and stuff like that or don’t have any interest in doing that they are still awesome because for dropping off curbs and stuff it keeps your battery and internals safe, somebody was tellin me that they saw a rock punch right through the battery pack and of course was a nightmare, so float plates would have most likely stoped that from happening. I love mine and would recommend them to most people who want to keep their OneWheel lookin nice. Or you could make some for like 3 bucks with ikea cutting boards.

  • @offroadow plus in crashes and nosedives since that’s what this topic board is about it saves your bumpers and the aluminum because it gets rounded out fast if you nosedive.

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