Riding in the cold

  • So I’ve been riding in the freezing cold here in Boston the last few days

    As expected the battery life seems to be lower in the cold

    Is this bad for the battery?

    When I’m cruising fast it almost feels like the battery is going to just die all together

    Any thoughts,advice or experiences riding in cold weather?



  • @jackiemoon

    You should join our "OneWheel Boston" Facebook group...

    As for the cold, many people have been having issues like nose diving or extremely short range. There is a guy in Cambridge who still rides every day without any issue. The key is to keep the board warm before going out and always charge it in a warm room also.

    I don't know about any long term impact on the batteries... someone like @IanJohnson or @sonny123 would have to chime in.

  • Just my 2 cents, but I would think bringing the OW from Warm (inside) to Cold (outside) is one thing. When returning back inside to a warm area to store and recharge, I would think condensation would occur on the control module board and battery cells even though they are enclosed and somewhat protected, creating an environment for oxidation an possible corrosion.
    I may way off base though, I take the winter months off from riding in the cold months, especially because we salt the roads and driving surfaces here in Rochester, NY.

  • @skyman88

    Thanks for the tips.

    I found the Facebook page.

  • @doublebull
    Interesting, I never thought about the condensation.

    I’m totally with you on the salted roads. It is a mess in Boston

    I’ve been riding on the field turf in my town... much more forgiving when you fall


  • I've been riding here in Michigan in the cold for weeks. I have a short commute from where I park my car to the building I'm working in at the moment. I notice that sometimes I have a shorter range and other times not so much. I think it has to do with riding style or something. This morning I rode I think maybe .5 miles from my car to work and I was at 89% when I got there. This is right about 5 miles range. I'm not so sure the cold has anything to do with it because my board is always warm when I start my ride and I'm not out long enough for it to get really cold. Also, when my board was new I was riding in the cold and I was getting 7 mile all day long. Maybe I need to calibrate.

  • @doublebull In theory, taking a cold object into a warm space could cause condensation, however, in the winter time, air is much dryer to begin with so it's not likely to be an issue. You would also notice it forming on the outside of your board first so if the outside stays dry, the inner components will also be dry.

  • On the coldest days. just tape one of those cheap handwarmers on the bottom of the battery. It actually works!

  • @mtruby82 if you're in michigan, you are getting reduced range from summer. I can confirm. There's no way to really notice it unless you actually stay outside. A few minutes to jump from a parking spot to a building won't tell you much about your actual range outside.

  • @makermarc Thanks. I rode about 1.3 miles in from my car to work today. In Delirium @ 27 degrees, I was at 83% with a range of 6 miles at the end of my ride. So, I think I'm right on track. I actually upped my PSI to 21.5 and that seemed to help a lot.

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