Regenerative braking? How is it suppose to work?

  • I'm still trying to figure out this regenerative braking feature. According to the manual, braking while riding downhill will charge up the battery. The app shows a percentage of regenerative braking you've done. What exactly does this mean? For example, say the app says I've regenerative braked 10%. Does that mean I've charged the battery a little bit?

    Or do you have to wait till you have 100% regenerative braking in order to begin to charge the battery?

    Has anyone actually seen their battery percentage go back up after a certain amount of regenerative braking? I've been trying to monitor the remaining battery percentage while seeing if the regenerative braking percentage has been going up, but in all honesty, I just don't see how this thing works.

  • @suboba I live in pretty hilly terrain. Going downhill gives me 10% back and more sometimes.
    I hear 50% charge warning multiple times during my rides as it up and down, up and down :)

  • @vitaly Same here, same thing with the other alarms (20%, 10%). :)

    @suboba 10% regeneration means you have recharged your battery 10% thanks to your braking. That's why Usage can go over 100%.
    Regenerative braking transforms kinetic energy into electrical energy.
    In a nutshell, pushing current (from the battery) to the motor makes it turn. But if you make the wheel turn mechanically (going downhill), it will produce roughly the same current out of the motor. Regenerative braking absorbs this current (/energy) by pushing it back into the battery.

  • @djinn Thanks for the info. Sorry, I didn't actually mean how does the science work. I was referring to the user perspective. Have you actually seen the battery level "go up" after regenerative braking? eg. The remaining battery % reads 30% and a little while later it reads 40%? I've just NEVER seen that in my case. I have only seen the regen % gauge increase, but not the remaining battery %.

  • @suboba yes, the battery percentage will go up if you go down a steep hill. If you are going down a medium incline the percentage may not go up but you'll notice that it also doesn't go down, meaning you regen'd enough to power the board over that distance.

  • @suboba : As @Vitaly and I explained, in a series of up and downhills you can hear the 50% battery alarm several times, as the battery level goes below 50% and then back above 50% thanks to regen, then below again...
    And yes, I've witnessed the regen and battery % go up on downhills.

  • Its a tesla under your feet 😎

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