Searching for a Second hand OW+

  • Hi everybody,

    Finally my OW+ has been refunded by the seller after the problem I had and I will wait for the XR to come.
    In the meantime if some of you would like to sell their "old" OW+, I could buy it (if the price is correct) as I would also love to offer one to my daughter.
    So please let me know ;-)
    Have a great day

    P.S.: I will pay with PayPal and tell me your price with the shipping cost to France

  • thomas
    y en a dans le monde entier à vendre en seconde main
    en france?????????

  • @eric Merci Eric,
    j'ai aussi mis une annonce (à moins que ce ne soit dans un fil de discussion sur le groupe OW France.
    Pour le moment, je n'ai rien trouvé.

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