Has calibrating the battery for 48 hours worked for anyone?.. Anyone?

  • @cbr-954rr Thanks for the info. I actually just bought a Burris treaded and am putting it on today. Looking forward to seeing how much it helps with range if at all.

  • @mtruby82

    Is your battery gage in the app out of sync with the board or is your mileage just low?

    What's your weight and tire pressure?

  • @skyman88 Not sure if its out of sync. I'm 160 riding a 20.5 PSI. Honestly I've been watching it the last couple days and its between 5-6 miles so I guess thats within range of what its supposed to be. It was low when I was just cruising around on carpet at work. maybe thats why.

  • @mtruby82

    Most likely. The beach and trails are awesome to ride but also eat battery.

  • Well in my situation I hate to report that an extended charge session did not help me out. My cells are all at about 3.32V versus my other board that sits at 3.50 - 3.52. FM recommended that I send it in so that is what I will do tomorrow. Luckily this is the off-season for me in Canada so if I ever had to part with it, this would be the ideal time. I can report back to see what FM will do to correct my board. My board had about 500-600 km logged on it.

  • I'm sure it works as long as you aren't scientific about measuring your range and battery life. Placebo effect goes a loooonggg way.

  • @gadgetrider

    Is that when the charger light is red or green? The app tells me I'm ready to ride but the light stays red. If you let the board continue to charge you should be near 3.6V when the charger light goes green.

    @makermarc The BMS does balance charge the cells. That's not a placebo. The board will favor the weaker cells, meaning if one has a lower voltage you'll get low battery pushback when that one cell is low, in order to protect it from running to an unsafe voltage.

  • @skyman88 I'd love to see any evidence of balancing taking more than a few hours. And that's being absurdly conservative. Nothing is happening 24hrs, 48hrs later other than FM being on reprieve from your constant emails.

  • @skyman88 My charger light goes to green and I still kept it plugged in. Board is on it's way back to FM now.

  • The FM guys on the OW podcast said if you leave it plugged in after your the green light comes on on your charger it trickle charges any cells below the others balancing them. The app responds to one cell so the reading might not be accurate if the cells aren't balanced. I didn't have issues with my board before I did this, but the app % is more accurate nearer 0 and 100 %. And in the app the cells all read exactly the same levels now

  • @makermarc

    So I’m at hour 48 for a balance charge per FM’s recommendation instead of sending my board in. I don’t have voltage plots or function of time data but simply laid out:

    30 min, 12 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours into charge I’d have the following, all cells at 3.62V and one at 3.60 and one at 3.64V. The cells at these levels would move around with time as it was charging. Today after work is the first time (48 hours in) that all cells are balanced and equal at 3.62V. I know this isn’t hard evidence but I’m also not the first person to go through this.

    @makermarc if your cells balance out on their own, agree that there is no benefit for you to do a long charge cycle.

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