New thing!!! New electric skateboard!

  • @glisse84 Thanks for sharing. Looks like it could be fun.
    I wouldn't trade for the OW though.
    I don't want a remote. I want my body to steer the thing.
    And I want the seesaw motion that the OW brings (like no other?)..

  • It just looks like another electric skateboard with taller is it any better than the other electric skateboards? Also, could not compete with the OW in the dirt or grass either. That shot of them riding in the dirt is a joke.

  • Already for sale in China for a while, and this is a direct electric conversion of the BMW Street Carver released in 2004 if I remember :) fiber-4-wheel-electric-skateboard.html

  • one wheel boite serieuse c'est 6-9 mois pour être livré à partir de l'annonce
    alors là ......
    on peut toujours rêver mais kick-starter et indiegogo tiens ça rime avec gogo

  • Thanks for sharing but like others here I have to say after 25 years surfing (a humble amount of time these days compared to some.) unfortunately I was the victim of a drunk driver. when i woke up 2 weeks later I had 44 smashed bones which surgeons had been busy drilling away along with a bit of hammering fitting steelwork to bolt me back together i had a nasty brain injury that had left me in a coma, fortunately, judging by the number of nuts and bolts in me now and left with serious balance issues, Onewheel has been a life saver, its done more for my rehab recovery than any physio. The whole center of balance and power drive being directly under your feet is a real melding of snowboarding, surfing, and skating, then throw in the off-road capabilities it then puts it into, at the moment looking at the market, a league of its own. as with all innovations, let's see what it inspires in the coming years. Exciting times, especially for me as this thing, is going to be a major part of getting me back in the water whereas when it arrived I was wondering if it ever gets off the sofa.

  • @cyberpan all eboards on the market are chinese made, that's not the problem as long as it is a legitimate and good brand :)
    For this one, ecorider seems to be the manufacturer and designer (despite they used original bmw's idea), they seems to produce also gyropodes, scooters and so on...I'm thinking if I will give it a try or not, the price to my door would be 635$ VAT and shipping included...I always wanted to try a BMW street carver, could be the opportunity....

  • @tartopom

    • onewheel
    • evolve
    • mellow board
    • eGlide
    • enertion
      are not made in China (except one), and if they are, they are not designed and built in a chinese way but in a much higher standart. Like Apple.

  • @cyberpan you're just wrong..
    Evolve is definitely made in China, that's maybe why they have so much quality issue by the way. I owned a carbon gen 1.5 and a carbon gt.
    I also have on order an enertion raptor 2,and guess what, Jason is constantly delaying the next batch because of issues so he has to constantly go China to fix them.
    So I agree that some are not designed in China, but components are made in China on demand of the customer. Maytech for example the Chinese supplier of motors for several brand of e-sk8.

    All in all, I give you another example, the famous xiaomi m365 scooter that is very popular is in fact designed and built by ecorider under the name eco-4 or something like that. I own one since this summer, and so far it's a pretty good e-scooter, my wife loves it 🙂

  • @tartopom said in New thing!!! New electric skateboard!:
    The "except one" was a reference to enertion. As I said, the quality is just much better than "pure" chinese products, saying the opposite (in a western context) would be delusion.
    Anyway, if you want to try it (the design is really slick), do not forget to sum up your experience here.

  • @cyberpan I have to agree....on 1 side I'd like to try this design stolen from the BMW street carver, and on the other side, I know what you mean by pure chinese products. Very often, this is not riders who design such toys, and you can feel it when you try them.
    I'm also thinking that it would not be complicated to remove the electronic and put a VESC inside ;)

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