Board not slowing down

  • @TDJ if you're going to stay in classic mode and you ever find yourself in that position again (nose up, weight on the back foot, board won't stop), just shift your weight back to behind the center of the wheel, and that change will slow the board down and you'll be able to recover. I really recommend ditching classic in favor of extreme mode. The label 'extreme' evokes fear- makes one think the board will take on all these high performance capabilities that can't be managed. Not the case. Extreme mode is better because that crazy severe pushback you're getting in classic mode doesn't occur. You will still get pushback in extreme mode, but at a higher speed and it's not as severe in that it doesn't force the nose up as aggressively. I, along with many members of this community, feel that extreme mode is actually much safer. My experiences in classic (same as you I got pitched off after not being able to recover) made me think that if I couldn't handle classic, there'd be no way I could handle extreme. Seems ironic but that's not the case. Just try extreme once and if you don't like it you can always change back. I finally got the nerve up to switch to extreme, and right away I felt a lot better on the OW and was able to get not only more speed, but better control and overall performance. Take the leap of faith, you won't regret it!

  • @groovyruvy Will do!! Thanks again, I was thinking the exact same thing. If I crashed in Classic how am I going to handle Extreme......

  • I'll echo the advice re: mode. I've had a few little spills, as is typical, but my only big one was in Classic mode. I didn't feel in control at all. And then, very abruptly, I wasn't!

  • @TDJ if the nose was WAY up and tail was nearly dragging, that sounds like you got overcharged. Did this happen with a nearly full battery while traveling downhill?

    I also agree (strongly) with getting out of Classic mode, but this sounds like the freewheel that I've experienced when the regen brake overcharged me.

  • Cheers @1woman1wheel. Extreme mode has been engaged and I can't wait to get back out there once I heal up........

    Thanks @jordo the battery was full or very close to full but I wasn't traveling downhill. I was on a fairly flat gravel/rocky trail so there were minor peaks and valleys but it wasn't a continuous downhill. I'd say I was about 10 minutes in when it started running away from me. Motor was definitely propelling me faster and just when I thought it couldn't get any faster it kicked in again and I couldn't hold on any longer. I've been replaying it several times and I do recall a point where I started to pick-up a little bit of speed (on purpose) and then it just seemed to take-off and I couldn't regain control.

  • @TDJ Here's a good thread to read through on this subject:

  • @thegreck Thanks. One thing I have been wondering about (crashes will do that to you..... Ha) is after experiencing low battery pushback this week (I was on grass so it was actually fun riding it with the nose up and the speed was controllable) What I experienced when the board just kept picking up speed and I couldn't get it to slow down so had to bail in Classic mode was for sure pushback. In Classic mode the speed is limited to I believe 10mph before pushback? I assume that unless you are able to lean back and level out the board that it will continue to pick up speed despite the "speed limit" of Classic Mode? I wish I would have had OWheelbuddy to see how fast I was actually going at that time but if it happens again I guess I will know.

  • @TDJ I've never once ridden in Classic (read too many times on the forum by experienced riders to avoid it while waiting for my board to arrive), but I assume since pushback occurs so early, that it's possible it'll keep speeding up until you shift your weight back and allow it to slow down (another reason to not ever ride in Classic). But it's going to cap out at 20mph if that's the case. It won't just keep speeding up until you're going 100mph.

    But seriously, switch to Extreme and thank me later.

  • @thegreck yes I've already made the switch so I'll thank you (and the others who commented) now!!!

  • I had exactly the same problem. I was in classic mode with around 40% battery left. I don't think I was getting pushback, but definitely got into a situation where the nose was high in the air and the back was scraping the pavement with no slowdown. I bailed, and when I got off, and tried to stand on the board, it would not balance. Had to shut it off. Turned it off and in again, and then it balanced, but the same thing happened again in less than 2 minutes. Went back and charged it fully and it seems to be working again, but it wa kind of terrifying that it seemed to randomly stop accepting controls to slow down.

  • @alanshi what you described is exactly how classic mode behaves. Many here in this forum feel that if you're achieving any sort of sustained speed, classic mode is dangerous and I strongly agree. The way it issues pushback, it's not nearly as easy to deal with as when you're in extreme mode. Switch from classic and the problem goes away.

  • @groovyruvy Thanks for the quick reply! I wonder why classic mode would gave such obviously dangerous characteristics, and why it would persist even after getting off and attempting to remount. I will try extreme mode as suggested and see how that works. Appreciate the advice!

  • I have experimented more with this and I think I am actually getting low battery pushback, which is why the board fails to balance after I am able to get off. The confusing part is that the app (and OWheelBuddy) both always report low 30% battery life remaining when the OneWheel is actually trying to communicate it is near 0. Immediately when I plug in the board, it shows near 0, even though right before that, it shows about 30%. I think there's some reporting error that may need to be fixed.

  • @alanshi You should try charging overnight to balance the cells about once a month. See if that helps.

  • @thegreck Yup, I've seen that recommendation, although the board is brand new and I'd be surprised if simply charging overnight would correct such a large discrepancy in the reporting of the remaining battery life. Certainly an easy thing to try, though!

  • @alanshi Okay, but that's actually exactly the type of thing balancing the cells typically fixes.

  • @alanshi my board was the same out of the box. Dead.. Shut off at 93% .. It took a 48 hour charge and a few days later an 18 hour charge and it was all sorted..

  • @thehoff @thegrek thanks, will try this out and see if it works!

  • @alanshi For other folks curious, after a 48 hour charge, I confirmed the battery life reporting issue has been resolved (and as an added bonus, I seem to be getting longer ride times as well). Thanks to all who responded with their suggestions. Hope this helps anyone else that experience similar problems.

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