Board not slowing down

  • @alanshi what you described is exactly how classic mode behaves. Many here in this forum feel that if you're achieving any sort of sustained speed, classic mode is dangerous and I strongly agree. The way it issues pushback, it's not nearly as easy to deal with as when you're in extreme mode. Switch from classic and the problem goes away.

  • @groovyruvy Thanks for the quick reply! I wonder why classic mode would gave such obviously dangerous characteristics, and why it would persist even after getting off and attempting to remount. I will try extreme mode as suggested and see how that works. Appreciate the advice!

  • I have experimented more with this and I think I am actually getting low battery pushback, which is why the board fails to balance after I am able to get off. The confusing part is that the app (and OWheelBuddy) both always report low 30% battery life remaining when the OneWheel is actually trying to communicate it is near 0. Immediately when I plug in the board, it shows near 0, even though right before that, it shows about 30%. I think there's some reporting error that may need to be fixed.

  • @alanshi You should try charging overnight to balance the cells about once a month. See if that helps.

  • @thegreck Yup, I've seen that recommendation, although the board is brand new and I'd be surprised if simply charging overnight would correct such a large discrepancy in the reporting of the remaining battery life. Certainly an easy thing to try, though!

  • @alanshi Okay, but that's actually exactly the type of thing balancing the cells typically fixes.

  • @alanshi my board was the same out of the box. Dead.. Shut off at 93% .. It took a 48 hour charge and a few days later an 18 hour charge and it was all sorted..

  • @thehoff @thegrek thanks, will try this out and see if it works!

  • @alanshi For other folks curious, after a 48 hour charge, I confirmed the battery life reporting issue has been resolved (and as an added bonus, I seem to be getting longer ride times as well). Thanks to all who responded with their suggestions. Hope this helps anyone else that experience similar problems.

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