Wheel Squeak!

  • I ride goofy and I’ve had no issues since getting the OW+ late Nov but for the last few weeks now I’m getting wheel squeak, especially when riding toeside. It will go away for a bit during riding but it always returns. The board seems to be functioning normal but every revolution one squeak regardless of speed, board on or off! Does it need grease, WD40, screws tighten? Sounds like tension noise like something is real tight not a grinding, I’m sure some of you have had this issue what was the resolution?

  • Mine squeaks now and then. Not gonna sweat it till it's constant. The bearings are sealed so unless you pop the seals out to add grease you will just make a dirt collecting mess.
    I'll probably take mine apart eventually and replace the bearings my self.

  • Just keep riding...typically it goes away after a while.

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