Carving on One Wheel vs. Boosted Board

  • Hey guys,

    I've been trying to decide between a One Wheel and Boosted V2. Today, I demoed the Boosted, and I thought it was super fun to carve around on. However, the One Wheel I demoed was at a mall so I could only ride inside the actual store. It was hard to ride at first but I started to get the hang of it after a while, but I couldn't really get a true assessment of its carving, since I didn't have much open space to work with. Anyone have any insights on the carving feel of the One Wheel versus the Boosted (or e-skateboards in general)? On the OW, are you able to really dig in and feel planted during aggressive carves, even though you're relying on just one wheel (during my test ride, turning felt more like pivoting the tire rather than actually leaning in and catching the edge of the tire)? In general, do you find carving more fun on a OW or a Boosted/esk8?

  • @dg2465 OW is anywhere, any terrain, any way you like it. Tight circles, 180's etc. OW is just not all that fast. If you're purely using it for commuting on roads or whatever, the boosted board is better. That's about the only situation it wins.

    Oh yeah, the stock tire is kinda square pivoty like you described. The rounder tires give you that real deep carve feel, watch some videos, look for "hoosier onewheel".

    Here's my video of everything a boosted can't do. Winter Riding

  • To me, its kinda like comparing apples and oranges. They both get you somewhere but the way they get you there is soooooo different. Its hard to beat the experience of a OW. You simply THINK about where you want to go and it happens. Boosted is just an electric skateboard. I've skated and snowboarded for over 30 years and the OW is its own unique experience completely. OW carving is like slo-mo carving a snowboard in powder on low pitch terrain. Boosted is an electric skateboard.

  • Onewheel is way more fun

  • @cbr-954rr Nice video!

    @dg2465 Boosted board has more range, speed and stability... but terrain dictates the ride and you feel a lot more of the road. For strict commuting in a city or somewhere with bike paths / lanes, etc, this is a great option. Carving is great but the board is not "nimble". Nothing wrong with Boosted or Evolve, etc... just a certain type of riding.

    For me the OW has removed the majority of the terrain concerns. It happily rolls over sticks, rocks, cracks, brick, cobblestone, sand, dirt, grass, etc... If you're after top speed, I'd look elsewhere. If you want a connected, enjoyable, relaxing ride, the OW is great. It's the ultimate ride to me. On the weekends I can head to the beach to ride on the hard packed sand or head into the city for coffee. You are more engaged in the ride and the board just starts going or doing what you're thinking about... you forget that you're on a one wheeled piece of technology.

  • Here. Watch us carve around, and see what you think for yourself.

    Wynwood Ride

  • I own both the OW and the Boosted (latest models). I put soft bushings and use loose trucks but the boostedboard is a longboard and still does not come close to carving on my Carver skateboards. My OW with 5.5" Hoosier tyre in hilly terrain gives me a surfing experience. I also found that going down a slope and then bottom turn back up the slope is really good feeling.

  • @cactvs 100% agree. You also don't have any stupid hand controls to worry about. If I tried riding a boosted board at 17mph cruising down any street in Oakland or San Francisco, I'd have a brain injury within a city block our streets are so bad. OW+ crushes ANYTHING you can throw at it short of a curb going up, and down... I haven't tried anything bigger than a curb haha.

  • Yes, you can carve the hell out of a OW. The stock tire (Vega slick) is more for beginners/stunters, so you're right about the 'pivoting' motion you experienced in the store. But, lots of us change our tires after we're familiar enough with the board.

    Here's some video of some of us carving

  • @gwinntanamo sick edit and music selection!

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