Brand new OneWheel stopped mid-ride 3 times within first 2 miles

  • I finally got my OneWheel+ yesterday, and of course I wanted to give it a go right away. I took it for a quick ride when during my lunch break and everything worked perfectly. It was a blast! After work I got home and grabbed my OW for another, longer, ride. The snow was falling and roads were wet and slushy but I was determined to go riding, so I hopped on. About a block into my ride the board just stopped dead, pitching me into the wet road. I wasn't accelerating, just cruising at around 7 mph on Cruz mode. It wasn't a nosedive, the board just stopped and shut itself off. I hopped back on and kept going, and it happened twice more over the next 1/2 mile, but luckily I was ready for it and stayed on my feet after getting thrown.

    After the third abrupt stop, I noticed that the sensor pads were pretty heavily covered in salt, dirt, and water (I obviously need a fender). So I scraped off most of the crap and climbed back on. After this, I had no issues the rest of my ride.

    At this point I'm operating under one of three assumptions:

    1. The combination of cold and wet and stuff between my shoes and the board caused my feet to shift which somehow affected the pressure plate and disengaged the motor. I'm not sure why this would completely turn off the board though, but maybe that's a normal function of the board.
    2. Because the board is new, the plates were still a bit sticky, so when I kicked off the debris after my last fail it helped the plates settle in and make better contact.
    3. I inadvertently leaned forward while shifting my bodyweight, and because I was in Cruz, it just shut off.


  • @xerxes You board shouldn't shut off, that does not sound good. These boards aren't fully waterproof and don't favor the slushy salty conditions, ride at your own peril.

  • @xerxes

    The batteries don’t like to be super cold either, like a cell phone. Did you bring the board into your office or leave it in the car? I’m assuming if you were riding in snow and slush it was 32 degF or below?

    I always keep my board somewhere 65 degF or warmer and other than a decrease in range, it has been fine riding in the cold. Same for others in Boston. Try riding in a parking garage.

  • -The board won't let you ride when sensors are 32F or below
    -Too much water is a bad thing

  • I think you hit the nail on the head - your foot probably moved just slightly and disengaged the footpad sensor. this is VERY common until you have put, like, hundreds of miles on the board and learned how to stay planted. even in dry normal conditions I had several "WTF" board shut-offs which I learned were just me being too loose with my sensor foot during turns.

  • Board won't shut off when moving over like 1mph if you come off a sensor.

  • @cascadewheeler As a newbie it's easy to come off BOTH sensors in a hard heelside turn. I did it three times at about 10-15 mph before I finally realized how to plant that foot better.

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