OG Onewheel destroyed, rental board or upgrade to V2 or XR?

  • So my V1 Onewheel was destroyed this week in a house fire along with my entire house and both cars. I had about 170 miles logged on the V1 and loved every minute of it. Unfortunately it did not survive the house fire so I am trying to figure out how to move forward. I love the idea of the XR but I won't be able to afford it after everything.

    The pluses have dropped in price latley but I think I will only be able to afford a used V1, so I was looking for some input as if it is worth waiting longer to save more money to buy a plus or even a xr. I would like to replace it sooner as everyday I miss riding but not sure what direction to go.

    If there is anyone in the Sacramento area that has an extra board that they would be willing to rent out or even meet up and ride let me know as I can't way to get back floating!

    Thanks guys appreciate any info!

  • I'd suggest buying a used + ... They are going for peanuts right now because of the XR announcement - and there is a glut of them available. Bet you could even find a local one to avoid shipping.

  • I am near Modesto. I'll be selling my + in April when the XR arrives.

  • @uniboarder - you mean June. ;-)

  • @Joshburke3, I have my OW+ for sale in eBay with only 19 miles and plenty of warranty.


    fyi: reserved until $1199

  • @ow-miami I refuse to believe it's going to be like the plus! ;P

    That being said, how close to the "shipping date" would FM get before pushing their "expected ship date" back for the plus? We're just 6 weeks out from them preparing to send out XR's. Were plus preorders that close only to figure out they had months to wait? Or was FM upfront about production issues?

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