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  • I see a lot of opinions on preferred riding modes, but rarely do people pair these with how much they weigh. I'm curious because I've been steadfast in sticking with Cruz due to reports that, the heavier you are (I'm at ~200 lbs), the less power the motor has to keep you balanced as you approach top speeds (which makes sense). I'd really like to try Mission, but also have a healthy fear of nosediving at 20 mph. I'll probably end up installing one of the nosedive mitigation prototypes before applying anything faster than Cruz, but would love to hear some mode:weight anecdata before committing. Thanks! :)

  • I have no use for Cruz, I believe it is dangerous because the pushback starts at such a low speed. You want all the torque you can get with a high bodyweight, so I would stay in Mission or Delirium.

  • @todlo 6' 230 here... Mission was too buttery for me when I started. I liked Cruz for slow around town on sidewalks riding, where I knew I wasn't going to need to be overly fast. Love the buttery feel of Cruz. Delerium for pretty much anything else. Could also cruise slowly with control in Delerium, but you also have that ability to take off when needed. Don't be afraid of Delerium! You may actually like the extra torque, helps keep you stable. IMO, both modes have power ratios better suited for bigger riders. Once you get better on the board and ride with more balance, Mission isn't bad.

  • @ventoriffic Thanks! This is definitely valuable insight -- I appreciate it. I think I'll give Delirium a shot tonight.

    @Acumen Thanks for your feedback! That makes sense. Do you mind if I ask how much you weigh?

  • @todlo Biggest thing about riding big is that you have to be more careful of your balance as shifts in your weight over the wheel can lead to quite a bit of inertia change. At speed there is less torque available to correct, but no one (in fact just the opposite) is advocating for you to travel at 20mph in Delerium on the constant. 10-15mph is plenty fast (typical bike riding speed) and leaves enough power in the tank to help stabilize. At speed you gotta be extra wary of pot holes and variations in the road as again, that slight change or bump could push your weight over the wheel in such a way that puts the threshold of the motor past its ability to balance you (aka nosedive). Don't ride tall, DO ride engaged (bent knees, balanced), and enjoy!

  • @ventoriffic Ok, rad -- I appreciate the extra detail and advice! One of the things I realized about riding is that, unless you're keeping a constant eye on the speedometer (or have a much better instinct for guessing speed than I do.. which is not a very high bar), it's easy to let the speed get away from you. Especially as the road opens up and obstacles get further away; it becomes harder to tell how fast you're really going by sight, alone. I also find that I just get caught up in the thrill and become less conscious of how fast I'm actually moving. I'm trying to get better at this and keep my lead foot in check, but it's hard as a noob (I've inadvertently gotten Cruz up to 19.4 mph). I should just get better at knowing where that 10-15 mph really is and then work on staying in that window.. and if that means keeping the phone strapped to my forearm with an eye on the speed, so be it. I definitely don't intend on attempting to sustain a 20 mph cruising speed, but at this stage in the game, with my inexperience and really shitty sense of speed, I could see mistaking 20 mph for well below that in certain areas.

    Anyway, thanks again for your advice. :)

  • @todlo 15mph should be your max cruising speed. That's right where pushback starts in Mission and Delirium. If you're consistently cruising above 15mph you are cruising in pushback, which means the board is telling you that you are past the safe limit at which the board is comfortable in keeping you balanced. Practice riding at 15mph and feeling what that start of pushback feels like. 15mph is your friend.

  • @todlo Search through the forum. There is a guy here that created an app that gives audio feedback cues (iPhone only for now). Definitely be careful about earbud use in traffic, but you could easily take it on an open bike path and learn your relative speed. I feel ya man on the speed issue. I cook around on my bike at 20mph and over on the regular, OW can feel slow, lol. Bike is definitely not as fun though!

  • @todlo I only weigh 144 and I still don't go over 15mph. When I first got my Plus I was about 165-170 and I hit a top speed of 23mph, and nosedived and almost broke my toe. It's common for riders to want to push the limits on these things when they first get them. It rides so damned smooth, it just begs to be ridden fast. If you don't know what pushback is, and don't develop a feel for it early, it's easy to fall and get hurt. Happens all the time, and there are always used boards with less than 50 miles for sale for this reason. The heavier you are, the more work the board must do to perform. Be aware that even a small incline greatly increases the work the board is doing, and it does it effortlessly, quietly, smoothly, until it doesn't.

  • @todlo , I have an iPhone OW app with my Apple watch. My watch provide speed, battery level, distance and best of all, it let you change ride mode.

    FYI: phone and watch need to stay sync together. Mean, if i decide to ride without my phone, than my watch ask to reconnect OW app.

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