Not charging :(

  • Hi.

    I just returned from a 3 week holiday,
    so, my onewheel has not been used for 3 weeks.
    First thing I did, was to change the tyre, as the old one was worn out.
    and my new Burris tyre had just arrived in the mail.
    But after the tyre change, I put the onewheel on the charger, and something is not correct.
    The charger light stays green, ( it used to go red), and the blue light on the onewheel is "pulsing".
    Connecting with the App, it says the battery is zero percent.
    Any ideas what could be wrong and how to fix it ?

    Cheers, Oyvind.

  • Try

    1. While plugged in, hitting the power button to see if the charger light changes color.
    2. Power on the Onewheel, plug it in, then hit the power button again.

    Basically I had the same thing happen to me, and the trick was to play with the power button.

    Good luck!

  • Any update? if what I said didn't work, either you re assembled it incorrectly or your EMS or whatever thingy on the board is bad and you need to sent it to FM.

  • I know people have different thoughts about this but here's what works for me.

    Plugging the board into the wall first before connecting the XLR to the board has resulted in failure 98% of the time. I always plug the XLR connector into the board first then I plug the charger into the wall outlet.

  • @mtruby82 I do it the opposite and have not had an issue. Interesting enough th 2 times I did it the way you do it I had to send the board back to FM.
    FM also recommend to connect charger to wall first and then charger to board second...

  • @mrclowny Had this happen to me today and simply tapping the power button while plugged into the charger fixed it.

    I typically have my board setting vertically to charge and when I was plugging it in it seemed to be behaving as though I instead had turned it on while unplugged and the app complained that the board needed to be level to ride, etc.

    Had unplugged it a couple times before coming here and seeing your suggestion. thanks. Immediately started charging and the light began pulsing normally for that state simply by tapping the power button, which is counterintuitive.

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