New guy - questions about safety/equipment

  • @acecannon The Triple 8 covert pads are sick, no one can tell I've got elbow and knee pads on through my slacks and hoodie.

  • @acecannon I think you mean "Speed and Strength"?

    Off the Chain

    This is the jacket I ride in. I totally recommend it! The hoodie zips out and is comfy to wear around the house. The jacket is nice and doesn't show pads at all... I took the spine one out, but the shoulder and elbow ones are super nice! It also has a CC holster if you pack a sidearm. I have a sig sp2022 and it zips closed over the pinky rest on the magazine, but not by much. I don't like how if you have the hoodie zipped in, you have to unzip it partway to expose the holster, but that's not a deal-breaker. I also just got Chester Shoes and they make such the difference! I feel so locked into the board it's amazing!!!

    I know I'm going to push it, and eating shit isn't a matter of if, but when. I want to protect as much of me as I can. I invest in equipment because I want to ride more, heal less. Ultimately it's your life/time. You can spend it how you like. ;-)

  • If you can afford them, G-Form Pads are phenomenal. I have (unfortunately) tested them in the real world (quite a bit) - and they work as advertised. One tip I'd give is - wear them inside-out. They use a nylon-on-nylon design that allows the pads to slip off the intended area to be protected. But, if you wear them inside-out, the rubber of the pad will stick to the skin and stay where you want it during a fall with forward motion.

    I generally wear: Helmet, lead elbow pad, padded shorts, biking gloves, and if I'm offroad, I'll throw on the trailing elbow pad and knee pads. All pads are G-Form worn inside-out under my normal clothes.

  • @gwinntanamo How do you feel about the G-Form knee pads? I have G-Form elbow pads but have been using TSG knee pads (pretty standard foam pad inside with a hard shell on the outside). I've read that this type is safer for if you slide, whereas G-Forms might get shredded. Have you slid on the G-Form knee pads before?

  • @joshb89 Confirmed! I ride in the same jacket, and it is like the coolest looking piece of clothing I own. And its way faster than putting on even one elbow pad.

  • I got a wrist, knee and elbow pad set for like 20 bucks. It is a must. Even though the onewheel is a tank I am always worried about falling. with the pads I can ride more comfortably. I Feel like the onewheel helmet is possibly overpriced(like a lot of other stuff and the bumpers.) All I have left that I want is a xlr dummy plug and a decent fender. I will probably not be buying either the FM or carbon fiber fender. I might make one or there is another discussion about FM not making a cheap overpriced piece of brittle plastic . Another thing that you might want is shin guards. I got a nasty scrape from jumping off the back foot because of reaction times. Sometimes when riding reverse from your comfortable you jump off that way and get carried in a circle by the onewheel.

  • If you don't like the kneepads look, or just want hip protection football pads might be worth looking into.
    With knee pads


  • I haven't quite figured out how I am going to handle it when I get back on, but I and several others have injured our leading arm/shoulder on nosedive.

    I'm debating just getting a shoulder brace with a "pocket" for icepacks, and sticking a motorcycle jacket shoulder armor piece in that. I think that would be easy to get on/off, and discreet enough that I can wear it under my shirt.

  • @joshb89 Those shorts wouldn't of helped me in my nosedive, the spot they are missing padding is right where I landed, lol.

  • @ventoriffic I wear these, they are less bulky than the picture looks - I don't think they are really noticeable at all under my shorts.

  • @glyph Those look awesome. Nothing some baggy shorts can't hide.

  • @joseph I've slid on the elbow pads - for sure. I remember sliding on my knee pads at least once on asphalt. Ripped my jeans, put a little hole on the underside of the knee pad (I wear them inside out), but the pad itself stayed in place and was not damaged.

  • All of this is great - but what about the left shoulder? Even with a pad you still get the impact, which is what did me in. Not sure what could possibly help that. All the other stuff works fine - knees, elbows, etc are tough with pads, but the shoulder and rib cage I can still feel aching a bit.

  • @hoovdini As you know, my left/leading shoulder is still messed up. I need something for that.

    I just ordered these, with the intent of making my own piece that will hopefully be easy/discreet to wear under my shirt.

    I'm getting this:

    In that pocket where the icepack goes, I'm putting one of these (this stuff is amazing, soft until impacted at which point it turns rigid and absorbs the impact energy):

    I'm going to glue the neoprene around it to hold it in place, with this:

    I will report back when I have messed with this a bit.

  • @glyph I have some knee pads made of that material that is soft but turns hard... freaking awesome stuff! Super flexible and comfortable. Great impact resistance. Word to the wise... they don't slide!

  • OK, I'm going to try a couple pics to show what I've got. Same materials as listed above, except that due to the size of the shoulder armor piece, I decided against epoxy glue, and just used strips of industrial velcro, which stick wonderfully to the neoprene. I really think the shoulder armor piece would stay in place just with the standard two velcro tabs on the pocket, but I didn't want to take any chances on it having shifted out of place unnoticed, just when you needed it most.

    It's very comfortable, neoprene should breathe well enough for heat purposes, and I think it's low-profile enough to wear under the shirt - I just put it over, so y'all didn't have to see my manly chest hair.

    0_1519239472468_Photo on 2-21-18 at 1.50 PM.jpg

    0_1519239490749_Photo on 2-21-18 at 1.48 PM #2.jpg

  • A closeup of the shoulder pad itself - might be able to make something better looking if you can sew, or want to color the armor piece black:


  • I would definitely recommend Float Plates to protect the bottom of the board. If you do any tricks at all this isn't even a consideration. Even just riding off the curb...the bottom can slap. If you are doing slides etc ....It's a Necessity. They also with all the color choices can add flavor to the ride. Very affordable for the value it protects!

  • Well after two weeks on the board and two crashes, I can say I was happy to have wrist guards and knee pads for both.

    Both crashes were going over the front (I hesitate to call them nosedives, because I think they were operator error) while I was accelerating uphill. the board went over an undulation in the pavement, nose touched down and I went over the front.

    both crashes I landed on my hands first, and banged a knee. no problem thanks to the protective equipment. plastic plates on the wrist guards got chewed up. I've done some rides without the wrist guards but I don't think I would ride without at least gloves on.

  • @granite Oh yes, I also ride in a way dorky bright yellow cycling jacket when I'm in town. I live in Oakland, and do a lot of my riding on busy streets, it's nice to be visible. More afraid of cars than nosedive.

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