Tire pressure

  • What tire pressure do you ride at. Ive been riding at 10 psi and set it to spec and 20 and it feel way different, So just wondering what your riding at

  • @beeasy02
    10 psi is way too low, your mileage will be greatly reduced and the shoulders on your tire will wear out quickly. Ride with it as high as possible...it will feel bumpier at first but you learn to use your legs more for absorbing bumps. FWIW, I keep mine at at 40 psi unless I'm riding off-road, then I'll drop to 20psi.

  • @beeasy02 Your weight in pounds divided by 10 is a good starting point for the minimum psi. That's 15 psi for me, and now after 300 miles I'm comfortable keeping it higher around 18.

  • I used to ride at 20psi but would only get 5.5 miles or so. (I'm 210lbs). Recently I've been running at 23psi and can now easily get 6.8 miles, sometimes even 7+. Today I'll be testing it at 27 (probably way too hard). I expect I should get 7.5 miles, hopefully closer to 8. PSI is easy enough to change, I'm just testing where the balance is for me (Comfort vs. range).

  • @njacobs I just did 7.6 miles with the tire at 27psi, I'm sure I could have gone a little further up to 7.8 miles. The ride wasn't too bad, although my route was mostly buttery smooth asphalt (found an awesome loop near my office in Chandler, AZ). I'll probably do another ride at 27psi on different terrain. I think I'll likely be dropping the pressure back toward my usual 23. - I'll try 25 this weekend.

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