Thoughts on OW Mafia SlingBack

  • Hey fellas! What’s your thoughts on the Mafia SlingBack? Thinking of purchasing one for some traveling but would like some feedback on the convienece and comfort of it.

  • @michaelatkins65 I have one.

    Overall, I've been very happy with it. However, there are some compromises:

    The first and most obvious one is price. It looks nice and the quality is good but it's pretty expensive for a bag. The biggest compromise is that there's no space built into the bag for the charger or for carrying protective padding.

    This is usually not a problem for me because I carry the charger inside the bag when I'm riding my OW+ with the Mafia SlingBack on my back. When my OW+ is stashed inside the SlingBack, I store the charger in a separate pouch that I had to buy separately. There are four loops in the black fabric straps sewn on the top of each side of the Mafia SlingBack that allow you to attach other pouches.

    Buying a separate pouch to carry the charger isn't ideal, and I bought several off of Amazon before the matching official one was released. While this would have made it heavier, I think separate compartments should have been built into the bag. However, the hook and loop system is nice. I searched Amazon for MOLLE-compatible pouches and got 3 bags- 1 for a charger, 2 for carrying my TSG wrist guards and knee pads. There's a very small amount of clearance in the Mafia SlingBack where I stash the G-Forms elbow pads. I carry my helmet on the bag by clipping it through the strap.

    It's been durable and I like the style. I've wiped out a couple of times, landing on the bag, and so far have not torn it. The blue recycled sail material is beautiful and more tough than I had expected. It's also lightweight so you don't really feel it when you're riding with it on your back when it's empty or mostly empty.

    My ideal bag would have a better way to carry a helmet, charger, pads, and other stuff. That said, I've put my grocery bags in it when I ride back from the store and it gets the job done. I take this bag with me when I'm riding so that I can pack my board up nicely before I take it inside a restaurant, the gym, or the office.

  • @joseph does it fit the onewheel with the fender on?

  • @lengthwise I have the black mafia bag and it certainly does fit with the fender on!


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