How cold is too cold?

  • Hey guys quick question. A couple of weeks ago I started noticing my Vega tire started developing some small cracks all around both sidewalls in a pretty symetrical way. Try to contact Vega and the answer me saying those tires were high performance tires not necessarily designed for colder temps.
    my question is does anyone know what is the temp tolerance on the tires?. Also for the board as a whole how cold would you go?. Just asking cause I live in Montréal Canada and temps here are usually between -10C amd -25C in winter
    Thanks in advance

  • I have ridden mine a buch in the snow and cold here in Colorado. -20C is probably the coldest I have run. I have the Hoosier 5.5 in the D20 (second softest) compound and I run low air (15lbs) for good ice and snow grip. So far it has worked fantastically with no issues. I would not run the Vega in these conditions but I hear some folks do. I plan on running the 6.5 Hoosier in the D30 for the Summer. Remember, too, that the sidewall rubber is just a skin and won't affect the handling or performance noticeably on a tire with low pressure and speeds like we run on Onewheels. Go carts would be a slightly different story. As far as battery life - cold weather sucks, PERIOD. Some have actually taped hand warmer packs under the battery and had good results. I can get just over 5 miles on a charge when temps are below freezing.

  • @cactvs yeah I have the vega. The weird thing is that the little cracks are where the side meets the top of the tire but symetrically distrobuted and on both sodes. Was wondering if it is due to cold or anything else

  • Probably the cold. I wouldn't sweat it. Next winter get a grippy Hoosier. Its a blast - way more "unstable" and way more fun.

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