Dust in the hypercore?

  • I got my Onewheel + thursday and love it to death.(Santa fe has amazing paved and off road trails) I was wondering about dust in the hyper-core. I do not really know what is in that little hole and inside the Onewheel motor . Will dust hurt it? I also want to know if the space between the foot pad and the rail will get dust in it and damage the foot pad. I want to try and keep the onewheel nice and scratch free while I am still learning it. Another question is about plugging the charge port. does onewheel have a cheap fender option and a tire plug? I want There to be a sure Onewheel approved way to plug it up. The fender is way to expensive for being abs plastic but the board gets covered in pebbles and dust. I know this is a lot .

  • Havent heard anything about dust in the motor. As far as I know its sealed. Don't worry about dust under the footpads. Sensors are built into the wood. I plug into my board first then plug the charger into the wall. Official OW fender seems to be the cheapest option actually. Carbon fiber is about $130. Use a XLR dummy plug to cover the charge port when not charging. Good luck keeping your board looking nice while learning. Thats when my board got 95% of its scratches.

  • @ansen-french The hole at the end of the axle is for airflow and is just a hole that goes all the way thru, cooling the core of the motor. I'm pretty sure it will not allow dust into the sealed motor compartment inside the hub.

    You'll notice the edge of a rubber seal on the side of the rims where they meet the bearing, that keeps your motor clean.

  • @readysetawesome I have seen the 5 dollar onewheel fender And personally I feel like it makes the onewheel look bad. I would not mind making one but I want it to look decent. Sadly, I don't have access to a 3d printer which could potentially work. Why is the Onewheel fender so expensive along with all the accessories? I feel like the fender probably costs like at most 20$ to Make. I would however pay 80 dollars for a metal version of the fender. I know it cant be 80 dollars to make that. Are there any cheap amazon alternatives?

  • @mtruby82 Thanks.

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