Do certain shoes help riding?

  • @hoovdini Thanks, that is the exact style I've been looking at. I just need to go try on a few and pull the trigger.

  • Boots are the most overlooked item IMO when looking at riding accessories.

    Stylmartin Chester

    These plus Superfeet inserts are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned, and they LOCK you in to your board. They're urban motorcycle boots... Stylmartin has a few styles to choose from. Take a look around!

  • I'm partial to the Nike SB Dunks. I feel more comfortable riding in high-top shoes.

  • Thanks guys! Looks like I'll go pick up those Nikes - super rad looking too!

  • Maybe it is because of my background in snowboarding, but I find boots much more comfortable and easier to control.

  • I normally ride stake shoes and when I switched it made a HUGE difference in carving and such, I have some hightop skate shoes and I love them for riding more support in my ankles but I've recently been wearing some Nike CrossFit shoes for the onewheel and I like it but I've been riding for a couple thousand miles and I'm trying more tricks and stuff like that. The CrossFit shoes make it feel like the board is almost part of my body or like its a snowboard I guess so idk I would start out with skate shoes and if you have a pair of CrossFit shoes than you can try em and see if you like them.


  • Anyone wearing anything other than a padded skate shoe is doing it wrong. Etnies, ES, and Vans are all I'll wear. Nike makes shoes for basketball, NOTHING else. You'd be silly to think a brand that doesn't focus on skateboarding would make a shoe that would do anything to help you on an electric skateboard.

  • Whatever. I love Vans but the Nike SB stick to the board better. Different styles for different days. Live a little

  • @510-1-whl I used to agree with everyone who says to only ride in skateboard shoes as this seems to be very logical based on the similarities of needs (ie flat sole, board feel etc). I almost exclusively rode in skateboard shoes for the first 500 - 800 miles. Then one day I tried riding in shoes that have more of a heel and it made a huge difference! I find that having a heel on the OneWheel feels so much better and so much more connected to the board. The responsiveness is greatly improved. Now I only ride in shoes with a heel. I have tried normal flat skateboard shoes a few times since but they are no where nearly as good as heeled shoes. I know there a quite of long term riders who agree with this as well. So my advice is to try different shoes that feel the best for you BUT DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF ONLY TRYING SKATEBOARD SHOES. to be clear I still ride in skateboard shoes BUT they have a heel which isn't typical of skateboard shoes.

  • Switched to wearing some Fallen skate shoes I found on Ebay, a lot of rear foot soreness disappeared

  • @goodblake-eskate Whats your height, weight and shoe size? I'm guessing bigger guys with bigger feet would need that to know where they are on the board?

  • @goodblake-eskate Also, whats a good shoe with a heel? What are you wearing.

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