Replaceability of OW parts

  • I have only had my OW+ since Thursday and love it already. I use Gorilla clear tape to protect the rail because the onewheel took a long time to save up for and I can't just buy parts willy nilly. I know the rail will get destroyed eventually and like the beast rails except for their price. Will I be able to get parts from Future motion or tires replaced? Can I treat it like a Car and replace parts as it gets older to spend less money over time? I am thinking on making a fender from polypropylene or something. I Would like there to be a section in the store where I can basically buy all the parts for a onewheel. Mainly the things that will die. The battery, button, rail ,motor, foot pads. I just want to know that if something breaks I am not screwed.
    I tend to ask like thirty questions and have lots of other topics than what is in the label. So let me ask The Main question.

    Can I Buy All the replacement Parts?

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