Has anyone opened up the Wheel on the plus yet?

  • I have an occasionally squeaky wheel... but no side play thunk like your vid.

  • @cascadewheeler Thanks for the response. I'm convinced its play in the bearings because the entire wheel will shift left and right about 1mm on the axle. The only thing that could be causing that is the bearings. There should be a tiny amount of play but its strange that mine and not all boards do this.

  • @ow-miami how much was rail replacement?

  • @kbman - Rails were sub $100 - but you gotta REALLY fuck them up before FM will replace them - it's my understanding that they almost never do that.

  • I think you really should just send it back for a quick repair. They'll figure it out and fix it up. Might be a little slow (Pfft. Great reason to by a spare OW, right??) - but they generally seem to do very good repair work.

  • @ow-miami I disagree. I had a bearing replacement by them already and I was surprised to find the replacement they used is very low quality. The factory bearings are NSK (really good!) When I type in the bearing number of the replacement, all the listings are for bearings that cost between $9 and $30. The NSK's are about $100 retail. The replacement also has no manufacturer or country of origin printed on it (not a good sign for a bearing). For anyone that has had their board in for any bearing issues like a wheel click or squeak, check to see if you have one black bearing. I bet the black one is as I've described above and you probably have lateral axle slip. I think the replacements are not quite to spec which is 10mm wide. So to clarify, I do not have play in the bearings.. My wheel is actually slipping laterally on the axle because one of the bearings isn't wide enough to be seated properly with the internals that hold everything in place. I know this all sounds OCD and a bit crazy but I've thought about it A LOT.

  • This is why i like to fix stuff myself. Time for FM to sell us parts to keep our toys working ourselves.

  • @cascadewheeler I always prefer to do my own repairs too if I'm able. That way you know its done right. I'm going to replace both my bearings later this week with some SKF's I bought.

  • Post some pics/ vid of the process!

  • This post is deleted!

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