Why does this onewheel just stop for no reason and throws you off? This isn't safe!

  • Ok I've ridden my new Onewheel plus 6 or 7 times and I've enjoyed it, but last night was the worst experience I've ever had in fact I nearly threw it in the trash I was so pissed.

    I went for a ride to the Trax station in Salt Lake City Utah. It was about 2 miles rode the train to a show and came back home. However on my way home about a mile away, the Onewheel stops out of no where and throws me off, I didn't get hurt I'm a little sore on my hip today but if I was going faster it could have been worse luckily I was coming to a cross walk and wasn't going over 5mph but it still hurt. I got back on and it threw me again. I turn it off and back on again I disconnect it from the ap and reconnect it but every time I get on it does a little stutter then quits. The ap tells me my battery overcharged (14) but the battery is only at 64%???

    I tried to get it to work for like a half hour or better but it was after midnight and I wanted to get home, so I ended up walking a mile home carrying that board, which isn't fun at all!

    What's the problem with this thing, it's less than a year old and I have battery charging problems? And why the hell did it just stop like a skateboard hitting a rock??? I'm rolling along and it just stops suddenly and throws me off? This isn't safe at all...

  • Did the app give you any footpad sensor warnings? The footpad has 2 sensors - if one of them detects one is off, it will give a warning. If both sensor detect (falsely) that there is no rider, it wants to prevent a runaway board and stops at any speed. This could be your problem. A single sensor fault would only cause the board to stop if you are going under 1 mph. Perhaps remove the front footpad and check the cable connection for any breaks in the cabling or connector?

  • After it dumped me twice each time I tried to get back on it tried to start then stopped and shut off, this happened well over a dozen times it just wouldn't get going again and my ap kept telling me the battery was over charged (14) but the meter said 64% battery life?

    I was going down a slight decline I mean very slight like 4 degrees I was downtown and I heard it re charges when you coast down a hill or something but I've gone down steeper hills with no problem. I was going to get back on it after I charged it back up and see if it's still a problem but I gotta tell ya when it just throws you out of nowhere it's a little sketchy to get back on it.

    I guess it could be a foot pad but the ap never gave me a foot pad warning.

  • If it was powered off after the nosedive, and you had to turn it on to start riding again, there is a malfunction and it needs to go back to Future Motion for repair. The overcharge warnings are also a sign that something is broken.

  • @Capt_KC is your app always correct? Might have a cell out of balance and it was shutting off for lack of battery.

    @IanJohnson nailed it. If the board was off after the nose dive (and still had battery, best to check cell voltage versus the app %), then its time for repair.

  • @Capt_KC Since you said you were in Salt Lake City, I am curious was the board exposed to extreme cold for an extended period of time. I made the mistake of leaving my OW in my car while it was really cold and experienced similar issues when I tried to ride it. Once I let the board warm up, it performed as expected. Hope this helps

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  • @capt_kc


    (800) 283-7943

  • @capt_kc They do not use the forum for anything service related. And when you email more than once, the new email causes you to "get back in line" with other new emails. So they stated one email is best but most find they are more responsive via phone.

    Was the board cold? Did it shut off after the nose dive?

  • Thank you they’re workin with me. :)

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