XR Charging system and plug?

  • Anyone heard if the XR will have a different charging system and/or plug? I am working on a solar charging system for when we go camping and have the + all figured out with help from Ian over at carvepower.com (such a rad and smart guy). Hoping the XR is similar - at least the same plug...

  • Because of the chemistry change, I suspect the plug will be different. I definitely read from FM or @Julian that the charger will be different. They did not say the plug specially but if the charger is, likely the plug shall be to prevent catastrophe

  • @kbman Interesting thought. I am rooting for charger cross-compatibility regardless of different battery chemistry. Electrons in - electrons out. It would be so much better for FM to use a battery that can be charged with the same voltage even thought the chemistry and capacity were different.

  • @cactvs they make that it's usually referred to as a power supply but in to dial in that specific of amp/volt/ configuration and monitoring would be in the hundreds to thousand dollar range. It also would not have the factory calculated and specific safety measures engineered into it as per your exact equipment. It would be cheaper and safer to just use the charger that came with it. Zip tie them together and call them one.

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