OW+ “gears slipping” as I go uphill.

  • My OW is approximately 10 months old, 350 miles. Going on flat terrain it works great but as I begin going slightly uphill I feel the wheel slip, almost like a car transmission problem. The motor is working harder going uphill and the board will have a series of small jolts until I get to a flat riding surface. The phenomenon seems to becoming more frequent. Anyone else experience this? Would this be covered under the warranty?

  • @donkey17 Its called "surging" and its built into the firmware. You probably didn't notice it before because your riding ability has improved and your pushing the board harder now. This has been covered extensively throughout the forums.

  • I know what surging is. I have over 1,000 miles of OW experience and this is only now happening. No offense but I feel like everyone immediately likes to point to “surging” as the technical culprit for all technical problems.

  • @donkey17 1000 miles on a plus? Or a V1? V1's don't do it. I hear ya though. Seems like I can't get very good answers to tech questions either. Good luck finding the gremlin!

  • If the board changed and it's in warranty you should get on support, they will eventually help you return it and if it's defective they will likely ride test and be able to confirm immediately.

  • FWIW I noticed the surging more on my first + only after a few hundred miles. Also, surging feels very different to me in Delerium vs Mission on both of my boards. Also one of my +'s seems to "surge" a little more than the other. It doesn't really affect anything I just go slower when it happens on very steep hills. Maybe yours is worse though, maybe this is different than your experience, but anyway it seemed worth mentioning for comparison....

  • @readysetawesome
    Thanks for the information.

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